26 Sep

ManCunt Hybrid Lube from MEO

I find myself in the awkward position of needing to type a word I wouldn’t usually use, but here goes. This is my review of the MEO ManCunt Hybrid lube.  There, I said it, and the world’s still turning so it’s not all bad.


I’m in two places simultaneously with this lube – which means I like it, what with my love of the word juxtaposition.  The firstplace is its name, which makes me want to shy away from it a little. The second is that it looks super sexy; a simple black bottle with minimal branding.  If it wasn’t for the fact that it screams ManCunt at you, this would quite happily sit amongst your styling and cosmetic products in a nonchalant manner.

Mancunt (2)

This however is exactly what MEO are all about – unapologetically and openly kinky, whilst providing top-quality products.  It should come as no surprise therefore, that this is exactly what you get with the ManCunt hybrid lube.


I’m a great fan of pump action lube bottles, and was super pleased to see that that is exactly what we have here.  After taking off the seal, you twist the spot to unlock and a couple of pumps primes the bottle.  The pump travel is really quite small, and unsurprisingly you get dispensed a small amount of creamy white lube.

Mancunt (4)

The creamy whiteness is not unlike watered down ejaculate.  Then again, I’ve only ever seen my own cum, so maybe mine is thick? I can’t imagine it is as I am always well hydrated. Oh I dunno, but it seems watery to me in comparison to the cum I’m used to.  The dispensed lube is relatively thin and runny, a real hybrid of silicone and water based lubes.


As is my standard practice when using a new lube, I dispensed a little on to my hand and gave it a good swirl around.  After several minutes, I was still swirling – a little goes a long way.  Eventually it all dried up or was absorbed and I was left with a slightly sticky but not unpleasant hand.

Mancunt (3)

Since that initial test on the hand, I have used this extensively in anal play; it offers a good mix of longevity and visibility that I like for anal play.  It doesn’t require constant reapplication, and my skin seems to love it.  The odd bit of stickiness isn’t an issue since I clean thoroughly after anal play anyway.  The toys I’ve used it with seem to love it too – in fact it seems to run less quickly on toys than it does on skin.


Below is a list of ingredients & guidance on those ingredients.

Ingredient Purpose Health Information
Aqua Moisture (it’s water!) -
Glycerin Prevents drying out May be plant or animal derived
Propylene Glycol Skin conditioning alcohol Irritant for dermatitis sufferers
Cyclomethicone Silicone lubricant -
Sodium Acrylate Acts as an electrolyte (salts) -
Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Stabiliser -
Dimethiconol Moisturising -
Isohexadecane Skin conditioner -
Polysorbate 80 Binding -
Hydroxyethylcellulose Binding & stabilising -
Phenoxyethanol Preservative Some reported skin sensitivity
Ethylhexyglycerin Skin conditioner -
CI77897 & CI19140 These are body safe inorganic colourants

This information is based on my own research, is provided in good faith and intended as a guide only. It is not endorsed by any healthcare professionals nor by MEO. In the event of any doubt, please contact MEO.

Mancunt (1)

Clearly there are a lot of ingredients in this lubricant, but when you break it down it all makes sense, you have water and silicone, and then a couple of ingredients to bind and stabilise the mix, and a few to help condition your skin.  There’s nothing hugely alarming in my opinion, the colourants are widely used in the industry and are extensively researched and classified as bodysafe. The added electrolytes mean that this would be an excellent lube to use in conjunction with electroplay.


I was sent a bottle of ManCunt Hybrid Lube by MEO in exchange for honest review.

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