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Vegan Massage Candle from Desirables review

A while ago now, I had correspondence with a small sexual wellness company you may not have heard of.  Desirables.ca are based in Canada, and have something a little different for you.  We were chatting about products that subsmissives might review, when the subject of their Vegan Massage Candle arose.  The conversation went a little like this:

Desirables: perhaps you would like to try our Vegan Massage Candle

Me: oh, we’ve tried those before, we’re not fans

Desirables: why not?

Me: we find they tend to leave us feeling sticky and in need of a post-massage shower

Desirables: not our Vegan Massage Candle.  Perhaps you would give it a try…?

Me: oh go on then!


And so here we are with the subsmissives review of the Desirables Vegan Massage Candle.

photo from Desirables.ca

First impressions are really promising.  Whereas our previous experiences had been with massage candles in a tin, the Desirables candle is in a glass jar.  That sets the bar pretty high in my opinion, glass is a much more premium packaging solution than tin.  It’s also wrapped up in a neat little card sleeve, or rather it would be if the pesky customs officials hadn’t opened the box.  It rather proudly displays the French Chandelle de Massage, which for my Neanderthal mind is rather exotic!


Anyway, let’s get down to usage.

The Desirables Vegan Massage Candle does take rather a long time to melt sufficient wax to give a massage.  That’s OK though – you’ve been warned, so make sure you allow 20 minutes or so burning time before you intend to use.


We were a little sceptical to say the least, we’re used to being left feeling a bit icky after a massage candle massage, but the difference as claimed by Desirables was noticeable right from the off.


The first thing to notice is that this massage candle has a higher burn temperature than other brands we have tried.  Don’t go running away just yet, it’s not burn-hot, but is noticeably warmer than other brands.  It sits in quite a happy middle ground for those curious about more intense sensations.  If you want to go down that route though, I would recommend pouring the wax straight on to the massagees skin, since decanting it into one’s palm is sufficient for it to cool.

Vegan Massage Candle

The melted soy provides for a soothing and relaxing massage – the smell is subtle, familiar yet unusual all at the same time, it’s pleasant, and didn’t irritate my highly sensitive nose.  Pouring it from the glass jar is in fact the only negative thing I’m going to have to say in this review.  It’s awkward and has a tendency to drip on the sheets.  Mind you, that might be my clumsiness.  It’s no big issue, since it washes out without problem at 40oc.

vegan massage candle

To avoid the risk of burning from the flame, we blow the flame out prior to pouring any liquid out and then relight the flame after. The liquid from the candle is thick and luxuriant in texture, you don’t need a great deal, and it lasts for ages.  It really promotes long and sensual massages – the warmth, the aroma, the long lastingness…

And yes, it isn’t as sticky as many other massage candles we’ve used, that isn’t to say it’s entirely unsticky – one of the ingredients after all is sunflower oil – it’s just not as sticky.  It’s certainly not the I need a shower now after-feeling.  And that is great, since if you’re properly relaxed after a massage, you’d probably rather not have to go for a shower.


So, the Desirables Vegan Massage Candle, it certainly lives up to the billing. Buy yours here.

You can also download a free massage guide from Desirables.


Here is a list of ingredients.

Soy Wax

Mango Butter

Sunflower Oil

Vitamin E

Essential oils: red mandarin, pink grapefruit, bergamot, rosewood, ylang-ylang



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