28 Oct

G-vibe 2 Anatomical Massager by FunToys

It’s strange sometimes how the universe works.  Chance encounters, brief glimpses and tenuous links conspire to shine fortune or failure upon us.  A recommendation from a fellow blogger brought myself and M and FunToys together and here you are reading the resultant review of the G-vibe 2.

It’s clear from the get-go that what we have here is something a little different.  Firstly, the G-vibe 2 is an anatomical massager; not a vibrator.  The packaging is not your standard box, but rather a quarter-size poster tube daubed with an arty flower not dissimilar to the anatomy it is designed to massage.


Cracking open the package we find our G-vibe 2, a storage pouch, a magnetic USB charging cable, and some literature including some rather fine anatomical descriptive pencil drawings of uses for your G-vibe 2.  A quick 2 hour initial charge and you ready to G-o.


That 2 hour wait gives us a chance to examine the toy.  The blurb claims premium‑class hypoallergenic medical silicone, and by golly it certainly is. The G-vibe 2 is so incredibly smooth – it redefines smooth and flawless.  Holding its purple smoothness in my hand, I almost feel like it’s begun caressing me already. Unlike some silicone, there is not a hint of dust attraction.  Quite possibly the nicest silicone I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.


The premiumness of the G-vibe 2 doesn’t stop at the silicone either – the metal-like plastic ring and handle are similarly flawless, offering a flush join to the silicone.  The buttons lie underneath small raised silicone bumps, and the charging pins are small and discretely placed at the base of the handle.  Even the storage pouch is awesome – white, unusually, and made of a material every bit as smoot and sleek as the anatomical massager contained within.


All in all, an extremely well made and sexy piece of kit.


Beeeeep beeeeep; 2 hours charging is up.  Awesome.

What’s the first thing you do with a new vibrator, I mean anatomical massager when it’s powered up and waiting?  That’s right – feel the POWER!  A single press of the ‘+’ button turns the G-vibe 2 on.  It always comes on on the lowest constant-speed vibrations, and it’s pretty damn silent.


Quiet it may be, but even after that first button-press, I am super excited by this toy.  You know when you turn on a bullet and you either get nggggrrrrrrrr rumbles or tzzzzzzzz buzzes?  Well, the G-vibe 2 is only a bloody nggggrrrrrrr toy!  Yeehaw.


Having a play around with the controls we are treated to 9 (no typo there – it does indeed say nine) levels of power from the 3 (yes – three!) motors.  Most toys have, what, 3 levels of power, so 9 is absolutely and incredibly excitement-making.


There is a point in those 9 levels of power where the quietness goes out of the window – I think it’s about 5.  By the time you get to no 9, the G-vibe 2 sounds like it’s gonna shake itself apart.  It doesn’t though – so don’t panic.   Oh, I almost forgot, 9 speeds, 3 motors and 6 patterns; clearly the people at FunToys like the 3 times table.



I need to share a little secret with you here, please don’t tell M, but the first use this toy had was for myself, and not her.  Shhhh – she need never know.  I just realised that after playing around with the buttons and realising the power that the G-vibe 2 hides I was a little, umm, aroused.  So I whipped out my old chap, nestled the V of the G-vibe 2 over my glans and turned on the power.  Now, I’m more of a fan of patterns than constant, so I just chose a pattern at random, and put the power up about half-way.   With the G-vibe 2 thusly positioned, my cock is between all 3 motors and boy does it get a lot of sensation.  The vibrations penetrate my cock to the core, and all the way down its length.  With a small amount of concentration, and a little variation of pressure I had a really decent orgasm.  The cum spattered quite far from where I was stood, which for me is a sign of the orgasm intensity.  It’s almost like distance of spurt and satisfaction are positively correlated.  Maybe I should start measuring the distance as a comparator.


Anyway, I hastily cleaned up both my mess and the toy, and replaced it back in that unique packaging ready for M, later.



When time finally presented itself to show the toy to M, I was a little like a kid in a sweetshop.  I just kinda grabbed it and went, “look – power”, ngggggggrrrrrr.  It seemed to work, as M grabbed the G-vibe 2 for a closer look herself and went through a similar process of button pressing to myself.


This is where we realised that the G-vibe 2 has a secret hidden power of being able to remove your underwear.  Since, not 2 minutes later, M’s trousers and underwear were, as my own had been, around her ankles.  It seems that pressing the buttons of the G-vibe 2 will not only turn the vibrator on, but will also make you drop your drawers.


Before I even knew it, she had one of the tips on her clit, and the other just brushing her vagina.  She was already self-lubricating such is the power of the G-vibe 2, and her fingers found the plus button to ensure she was on max power with no problem.   I knew the toy would get a much more vigorous run-out with M than I was able to give it myself.

The motors in each of the tips aren’t actually in the very tip – they’re about an inch down.  What this means is that if you want to get that motor on your clit you’ve gonna have to press quite firmly to open up those tips to the extent you’ll need.  In this position, M found doing so a little uncomfortable since it means that your pushing hard on the other tip too.

It’s not a deal breaker though, since those rumbles from the motor travel really well from the motor to the very tips of the toy; so it’s only going to be the most power hungry people who are going to want to press the motor directly against the clit.


Once M had found a comfortable position her clit, I felt it was time to move on.  So, I grabbed the G-vibe 2, and thought, “right we’ll have a go at some penetration”.  After applying some water based lube, not that it really needed it – M was most definitely ready, we set about figuring how to get this inside her.


The trouble is, you see, that the toy is manufactured so that the tips fall naturally apart, and whilst the toy is flexible, it is still quite rigid.  I squeezed the two tips together to make a more regular shaped toy – and this is where it becomes crystal clear that it’s a better idea to lube the person than the toy – it becomes slippy and difficult to manipulate.


So, lesson learned, we try again.


There is a definite knack to this.  With most toys, you don’t have to worry too much about the actual insertion part, but here you need to think about how to do so without the tips suddenly opening up pre-penetration.  My top tip here is to treat it like a needle and thread.  This is sooo sexy….!


Grip the toy in your fist, with the tips together and just sticking out of your fist.  Put tips at entrance of vagina, and “thread” the toy through the “eye” formed by your clenched fist, releasing fingers as you go.  Her presto, G-vibe 2 and vagina are one.


Now the blurb on the G-vibe 2 says that it is designed to give a “full” sensation, without the need to penetrate with a large toy.  This works since you have one arm touching the front wall of your vagina, and one touching the back, or either side depending upon how you hold it.


Talking of holding it, that thumb hole is pure genius.  I often find when using toys on M that very little thought has been given to the person holding the toy when not the penetrated.  I know this feature is becoming ever more common, and I’m really excited at trying more toys with this feature.


Anyway, back to that filling feeling.  M tells me it does feel unique, but not really full per-se.  For the full feeling, she likes the stretching sensation more at the entry and first inch or so of her vagina, this works much more deeply.  M actually found it a little uncomfortable – the front prong which was g-spot aimed was fine, and was producing some really quite satisfying sensations.  However, she found that the rear prong was more painful than pleasing; especially so when we tried adding some thrusts to the mix.


I changed my angle of attack, which with that genius grip-hole was so easy to do and maintain.  Trying to put more pressure on the good, and less on the bad, turning the vibrations up towards max, and fumbling around to find that sweet spot.  My initial optimism at the power of the G-vibe 2 had taken a dent with her initial reaction to internal sensation, so I was determined that I would find the sometimes-elusive G-spot.


My efforts were rewarded with the tell-tale change in her breathing, and before long, she was flush with the increased blood flow elicited by the G-vibe 2.  G-spot stimulation is really hit and miss for M – sometimes it works a treat and other times there just seems to be nothing doing.  Quite often I find my forearm or elbow giving in long before she reaches orgasm; no such worries here.  It is definitely the most ergonomic toy I’ve had the pleasure of using.


Sadly though, frustration came along and M gave up on the G-vibe 2 internally.  It had certainly built her up well though, and I’m pretty sure that for someone who is less of a power queen, the G-vibe 2 will be just perfect.


We swapped out the G-vibe 2 for a dildo, and instead used it as a clit stim.  The manual suggests holding the two arms together to stimulate either side of the clit.  Again, easier said than done.  It’s easy enough to find a comfortable position for this type of use, but for M it’s just a bit too much hassle.  She likes to be able to just hold something on her clit and let it do the work.  Needing t worry about whether the two arms are still together in addition to keeping the vibrations in the right place were just an ask too far when she’s approaching orgasmic bliss.


Fortunately for M, she has a rather big-headed husband, a rather big-headed husband who happens to have a zillion sex toys.  So, utilising a cock ring to tie the arms together, we continued.  My head my just be a little bigger now, since this was an absolute revelation.


Positioning the motors in the G-vibe 2’s arms on either side of M’s clit, and cranking up the power finally pushed her over the edge.  She writhed around on the bed in some significant ecstasy and had a triple (I think) orgasm.  This toy really does a pack a punch.



I cleaned the G-vibe 2, which owing to its waterproof nature is extremely easy, and popped it in its storage pouch.

Thanks for sticking with me thus far, dearest reader, but I am not quite finished.  Such a multi-function toy will inevitably require a certain amount of waffle.  We are now on to the home straight though.


With the power this has in it, I just had to try it on my prostate.  Holy jesus its bloody good.


One prong inside your bum, and the other resting just below your balls, on your perineum, is my suggested modus operandi.  You do have to be quite firm, and have a bit of a wiggle about, but when you hit it, oh boy do you know.  The G-vibe 2 will now be known as the P-vibe.  Those vibrations, my prostate.  Wow.


My favourite setting here is the one where the two tips vibrate alternately, with the handle pushed down away from my penis, the tip prods my prostate and with the vibrations on only the 3rd or 4th setting coax and caress my prostate into a throbbing and joyful mess.  Honestly, for a toy not primarily designed for the P-spot massage, this is surprisingly good.  So much so that I think we can safely call this my toy, and not Ms.


The final final thing I want to share with you is that one of the suggested uses in the booklet is as a nipple vibrator.  For both nipples simultaneously.  Nope.  I honestly know of no-one, not even my children whose nipples are sufficiently close together for that to be practical.  Great idea, but just not realistic.


So, all in all what we have the G-vibe 2 is a toy with 9 (9!) levels of power, and it is some power too.  We couldn’t get it to work internally for M, due to the irritation on the back wall of the vagina, but if that doesn’t bother you, then this may well work for you.  However, as a prostate toy it freaking rocks!



The G-vibe 2 was provided free in exchange for the honest review you’ve just been reading

5 thoughts on “G-vibe 2 Anatomical Massager by FunToys

  1. Saw your giveaway and I knew I had to read your review, this toy looks so interesting! Did you try using it as sort of a DP toy instead of one arm internally and one arm externally?

    • We’ve not tried that, since M isn’t a fan of anal toys for herself, it could absolutely be used that way though.

  2. This looks really intriguing. I think its something worth giving a try. I love your reviews.

  3. Just got one of these, so delighted to see OH can have lots of fun with it too. I need to experiment to see what ‘floats my boat’. Great, extensive review (and wow! that silicone no?!)

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