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cyber pro masturbator & VR headset review

I think my first run in with Virtual Reality (VR) was a slim funky chap in a rather outlandish hat.  He sang about a new religion and living underground.  That’s not quite what the Cyber Pro Masturbator & VR Headset offers, which is a big relief really.

the masturbator – it’s a bit like a budget fleshlight, and non-anatomical – wooo!

What it does offer is something a little different, but also a little samey.  Let me explain why.

Cyber Pro Masturbator & VR Headset  – It’s the same.

Well, it’s the masturbator that is samey; made of that very familiar “real-feel” spongy stuff that the like of fleshlight has made famous, and that, the Lovehoney Thrust range and many other masturbatory aids borrow. At around 6 inches long, it is contained within a rudimentary holder, with an equally basic pop-off lid – it’s cheap and unapologetic. The sleeve however is much more solid and feels every bit as good as all that has gone before.

cyber pro masturbator & VR headset

The entrance to the masturbator is non-anatomical, which I’m supposing is trying to make it suitable for you regardless of sexual orientation.  I think it looks a bit like an air-lock, but then I’ve not seen a sci-fi film in a loooong time so maybe air-locks look different now. Anyway, the tube thing features a small air-hole to allow the addition of a sucking sensation.  At first I found this hole to be difficult to reach whilst wanking, but actually it’s not, I was just being stupid.

cyber pro masturbator & VR headset


The masturbation sleeve of the Cyber Pro Masturbator & VR Headset also contains a wee recess for a bullet vibrator, which, handily enough is supplied. It also is a rudimentary bit of kit, a single speed, very basic in design, but see-through, which is actually pretty cool.

Nothing special this bullet may be, it is, however, sufficient to add some rather decent sensations to the Cyber Pro Masturbator & VR Headset experience.  The wee crevasse is at the end of the sleeve, in exactly the right place to stimulate your glans. I was expecting noise, but to my surprise the sleeve does a good job of insulating the vibrations.

cyber pro masturbator & VR headset

middle hole is the orifice, the hole on the left is for the bullet vibe

Upon first inspection, the hole seems small for a penis to penetrate, but the sleeve is stretchy, and will accommodate most penis sizes. Inside the texture is unremarkable.  Actually that’s unfair, since it is stimulating, it’s not mind-blowing.  The secret though is that the vibes from the bullet are the main attraction here. That aside, the bumps do do a good job of stimulating your head. And here we have the nail on the head; it’s good for glans stimulation.

To complement the masturbator, you get a single sachet of JO lube.

cyber pro masturbator & VR headset


Cyber Pro Masturbator & VR Headset  – It’s different.

You need to find yourself some split screen porn; where the same image is shown in two side-by-side windows. Once you’ve done that, flip down the hatch, open the latch, press play, position your foam inside the latch against the foam cushion, add in the insert to prevent unwanted phone travel, close the latch, snap the hatch shut.

cyber pro masturbator & VR headset

no phone…

Realise you’ve left your phone on silent, so undo hatch open latch, remove phone, turn volume up. And then reverse. Although, my advice would be to use earphones, the wire of which will handily (just) fit through the vent.

cyber pro masturbator & VR headset


Anyway, once you’ve managed to get your phone in, which after a few goes is actually quite straight forward, you can put the googles on. The straps are broad, stretchy and adjustable and not uncomfortable. With the googles on, you look through two lenses at your phone screen.

cyber pro masturbator & VR headset

not sexy, but fully adjustable and actually comfy

The lenses are adjustable for focus both forward/backward and together/apart, and I found it easy to get the image in focus. I don’t know how the fit would be for those wearing glasses, but without is comfortable; I am hopeful that the adjustable focus might work for those with minor short or long-sightedness.

cyber pro masturbator & VR headset

irony is that the future of sex toys borrows so blatantly from 80s tech

And I was astounded; not quite VR, but a real decent 3D experience, entirely immersive, and you completely forget that your phone is an inch away from your head. I’m genuinely impressed, and what’s great is that you don’t just have to watch porn on it. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5, it fit well, would easily take smaller phones, and has room for slightly larger too, but definitely not a tablet.

cyber pro masturbator & VR headset

oh yah, accessories…

So, we have a really rather decent VR headset, and a stroker which whilst rudimentary in appearance, is effective, and they combine to produce a highly enjoyable and completely novel masturbatory experience.

Buy yours here!


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