05 Jan

Fleshlight QuickShot Vantage Review

Fleshlight is quite possibly the worlds best selling wank, and y’know, it’s half decent, but there are some problems, so I was pretty excited to see them launch a smaller and more affordable version – the quick shot.  Awesomely, I was offered one to test and review by 4playsure.  The one I have is the Fleshlight QuickShot Vantage, but there is also the boost variant available.

So I mentioned problems with the Fleshlight.  Don’t worry, I’ve not gone all heretic on you, I’m just keeping it real.  Firstly, it’s effing huge.  The Fleshlight QuickShot Vantage is not.  Where a regular Fleshlight is as big as your forearm and could easily be a weapon of defence, this is more like a kids toy.  It’s still not pocket sized, but I don’t think anything that has a hard shall like a Fleshlight and that is designed for penis-sticking-in will ever be pocket sized.

The other problem I have with the regular Fleshlight is that it’s kinda monotonous.  There is no doubting that the feel of the sleeve on the cock is rather pleasurable, and those inner textures definitely stimulate the glans, and you do get a suction option, but there’s no ability to squeeze or fondle the glans in any way.

The Fleshlight QuickShot Vantage doesn’t entirely solve these minor niggles of mine, but the fact that it is more compact in size does mean that when I do wank with it, the tip of cock pops out the top and I can fondle it, or flick it, or whatever. This is awesome!!

So what we have is a nifty little clear device. The fact it’s clear is rather cool, since you can see your (distorted) penis whilst you wank – which is novel! Perhaps more of a turn on for your partner than for yourself.  The clear sleeve material is entirely different to what I am used to with a Fleshlight – it’s smoother, which I suppose is because it’s not supposed to be flesh-like.  Oddly, I also find that it doesn’t feel as cold as the regular material.  The sleeve looks like it should be really squidgy, and it does squidge a little, but it is firm enough to provide some rather pleasurable sensations.

The real ace up the sleeve of The Fleshlight QuickShot Vantage is that it’s open ended.  So, as you stroke your cock with it, your glans pops out the end, and then back in again – this really adds extra awesome to what is already a decent wank.  Every penis owner loves the pop, right?  It’s not just the pop though, you get sensation of cold arm hitting your glans, which I also love.

The other benefit of this open end is that you can access your most sensitive area.  This makes it really effective for couple play.  A QuickShot assisted blow job is a particular favourite.

The Flesligh Quickshot Vantage was sent for review by 4playsure but it looks like they’ve stopped selling it now, so here are some shopping links elsewhere:

Lovehoney UK

Lovehoney US

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