09 Apr

Rev1000 Rotary Masturbator

The Lovehoney tester scheme has sent many many toys my way, and a fair few of them have been pretty good, the vast majority though, especially when it comes to male toys, have been a downright disappointment.

The Autoblow 2 was one such; a seriously bad toy that was reminiscent of a 1980s Thermos.  I kind of had similar expectations for the Rev1000 rotating male masturbator when I was chosen to review it.

rev (3)

The Rev1000 arrives in a very stereotypically male box – it’s a fusion in design of car brake pad and latest men’s shower gel gift set.  It’s one of those slightly awkward boxes that I ended up completely destroying in my efforts to get my mitts on the toy inside.


Inside the box is your Rev1000, an odd looking contraption that might just be a cafetiere. OK I’m beginning to look like I’m hot drink obsessed when actually I’m all about the Pizza, any I digress.  In addition to the Rev you get a spare sleeve, charging cable and plug, a sachet of lube and an owner’s manual (OK, an instruction booklet).

rev (1)


rev (11)

Taking the toy apart, it dawns on me that the idea behind this toy is pretty simple.  Basically you have a masturbation sleeve that sits inside a holder with an O-ring to keep it in place, there’s then a protective cup that covers the holder.  On the bottom of the holder is a square piece of metal, this quite simply matches to the similarly shaped magnet in the hand unit.  The magnet sits atop the spindle, and hey presto rotating
rev (9)masturbation sleeve.  The whole thing is genius in its simplicity both in concept and practice.  I really am impressed at how effective such a simple idea is.


I was really looking forward to using this, only to find that it recommends an 8-hour charge for the first charge.  Whuuuuutt!?! Suddenly I’m transported back to the late 1990s nokia mobile phones which needed a mega charge to get them going.  Anyway, I settled on 4 and a half hours, which was the time between unboxing and the first chance I’d get to use it.  Yes indeed, that is how excited I was about this toy – unboxing and usage on the same day!!


rev (7)rev (6)


I took the toy off of charge and had a play with the controls; these consist of 5 buttons.  In the middle is an on/off button, surrounded by 4 arrows that it seems control everything from the speed of rotations to the sky box downstairs.

rev (5)

You know what amazes me?  Just how much lube they can cram into one sachet!  I used the entire contents of the sachet to lube up the toy, mostly inside the sleeve, but a little around the non-anatomical entry orifice, and a little on the shaft of penis.


I realised I was holding my breath as I slowly slid my cock through the opening and into the nodule-rich interior of the masturbation sleeve.  What you need to realise here is that this toy is on the large side – not especially as regards girth, but in length.  So, you slip your cock through the cushioned O-ring of the entrance, then it’s just over an inch before you get to the masturbation sleeve itself, which means if you want to fully fill the Rev1000, you’re going to need to be over 6in in length.  However, the brilliance here is that you really don’t need to fill it to enjoy it. As long as you are long enough to fit into the masturbation cup, then this is suitable for you.


Letting my breath out, I pressed the centre button to begin my experience of therev (10) Rev1000.  There are no words to describe the initial sensation you get from the Rev1000.  It comes on suddenly and with some gusto!  Within seconds I was writhing around on the bed part in pleasure part in surprise.  The sensations are really intense; direct undiminishing stimulation of the glans, stimulation that you can’t get away from just by moving the hips.  In order to end the stimulation, you need to make the conscious effort to withdraw or turn off – the knee-jerk reaction does nothing, and so it was that it extracted my first lot of cum; more by stealth than anything else.


I was a little disappointed as I like my orgasms to be earned, to be the end of a process, and to give it up so quickly I felt a bit annoyed at the Rev1000.  Anyway, I had a quick nap.


Upon awaking, I popped into the bathroom to give the Rev1000 a quick clean – a job which is incredibly simple due to its disassemblability, similarly easy is drying, and now I was ready for round 2.

rev (8)

Despite my readiness, the suddenness of the power still had me by surprise. This time though, possibly because of my earlier experience, I was able to withstand the intense rubbing on my glans, and actually lay back and enjoy it.  I even got around to experimenting with the buttons.  However, I can’t even begin to tell you what they do, other than change the noise of the motor.  49 functions apparently, so you can have a great time finding your favourite.    It’s all just so intense, every press of the button brought a moments respite from the intense pleasure before it began again, only slightly different, it’s all just very very good.

rev (4)

This is the continued story with the Rev1000 for me, it’s just mind-blowingly intense until you either cum, run out of power or withdraw.  Over time I’ve come to like the feeling of the sleeve rubbing as it rotates on the tip of my penis, and I find myself pushing down on my penis harder and harder, this just puts strain through the motor and makes the battery drain faster.  At 40 minutes use per charge, it’s not the longest lasting toy ever (it doesn’t need to be!), but you have been warned, charge regularly!


Use in BDSM

Where do I start?  Forced orgasm, spoiled orgasm, post orgasm stimulation.  Once your cock is in the Rev1000, the rev is just gonna do its stuff until you cum, so in the mind of the controller this can be for pleasure or discomfort.  If restrained, taking away withdrawal as an option, it is just relentless, prepare yourself…!



I was sent this as part of Lovehoney’s sex toy tester scheme, my review is impartial. honest and original.  if you like it, you can buy a Rev1000 here

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