31 Dec

Swoon Kink Cashmere Masturbation Sleeve Review

Is it a sock?  Is it a wank sock?  Well kinda.  This dearest readers is a woolly wanker.  Designed and made by swoon kink, The Slinky Minx have sent me one to test, so here we are with a review of an unusual item:  a Cashmere Masturbation Sleeve.

I was a little sceptical about this apparent piece of kinky golf attire, but, spoiler alert, it’s actually a bit of a revelation.

The Cashmere Masturbation Sleeve is beautifully soft, wonderfully tactile and expertly crafted.  It’s about 5.5in (14cm) long, and features at one end a stretchy bit which is about 4 fingers wide, and a tighter end which is about 3 fingers wide.  Now, it comes on a penis shaped card, which whilst being comical and perhaps endearing I think is meant to demonstrate which way round to use it.  The card has it with stretchy end at the glans end of the penis, and the less stretchy end at the balls end.

I prefer it the other way around.   That’s cool, cos we’re all different and all awesome.  I liked the tighter end over my glans, cos it gives some serious SERIOUSLY intense feelings.

The Cashmere Masturbation Sleeve is like nothing I’ve experienced before.  You see, with most masturbation aids you lube up, slip in, slide up, slide down, and splurge out.  The absorbent nature of the oh so luxuriant cashmere means any lube you care to use is mopped up. So it’s just you, your cock and some friction!

That friction is a scary beast, but one which quickly becomes your buddy.  The initial grating of woollen material over exposed glans is teeth grittingly juddersome.  But that soon becomes butt clenchingly almostly orgasmic. Yes, I find that by the time I have pulled this over my cock, the friction has heated things up nicely, and it’s a simply journey to conclusion.  And when you do conclude, the Cashmere Masturbation Sleeve turns into a nifty cum rag. Win win.

Yes, no matter how I try, this fleecy sleeve has me beat – the sensations are just so intense, the fit so snug on my, at best, average penis, that I just orgasm effortlessly every single time.  The beauty is though, the stretchiness means that if your penis is considerably larger than an at best average one, you can enjoy the friction.  I was gonna say burn, but that sounds way too scary.  Seriously, so good. Go buy one.

The Cashmere Masturbation Sleeve is available at the Slinky Minx and you can get a massive discount with code “feelinghappy” until 2nd January.

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