30 Jan

Tenga Spiral 3D Masturbator New Concept Hole

A chance twitter exchange with Love Yourself Online has brought me the good fortune of bringing you this honest and impartial review of the Tenga Spiral 3D masturbator.

I’ve tried several Tenga toys before, but the Tenga Spiral is the first of the 3D series, so thanks very much Love Yourself Online.

It’s a bit different to any other masturbator I’ve tried before, but I suppose this is sextoy modern art.  The Tenga Spiral 3D Masturbator arrives in its very own display cabinet.  A black base proudly declaring “SPIRAL Tenga 3D”, and in actual fact this is a New Concept Hole.

Quite what that means, I have no idea, but I’ll write the review, and maybe you can decide where exactly this new concept comes into it.

Tenga Spiral 3D Masturbator

sculptured ecstasy

So, on the black base sits your Tenga Spiral 3D Masturbator, it could easily be a modernist piece of sculpture, only they decided to put a sticker on it that I just cannot remove, not that I especially want to display it.  Hidden in the base is a wee sachet of lube, but be careful, once you’ve removed it you’ll need a new strip of tape to stick it back in, so umm yeah I lost the sachet.  Fortunately, I have lube coming out of my ears (figuratively, not actually), so I had plenty of back up.


Taking the Tenga Spiral 3D Masturbator out of its display cabinet, and off of the rod which keeps it on place, you realise what you have is really squishy, and not actually a sculpture after all (Maybe this is the new concept?).

Tenga Spiral 3D Masturbator

lube sachet – before it did a runner


The premise here is that you turn the thing inside out, so that the sculptured design is on the inside for the delectation of your penile pleasure.  The design here is a spiral which looks like lots of thin white hexagons placed on top of each other.  It seems like a lot of texture, but is also really subtle at the same time.

Turning inside out is easy peasy, but that is probably as its made from an Antibacterial Elastomer (so, rubber, yeah?).


Right, let us get down to use shall we?


Quite frankly, it’s really good.  I’m going to stop short of the A-word, but it has surpassed my expectations.

Tenga Spiral 3D Masturbator

ready to wank

The entry orifice may only be 0.5 of an inch, but with it’s really stretchy stretchiness, it can accommodate several inches in girth (yes it passes subs patented fist-test). Getting your cock into it is definitely a two-handed job, especially when you’ve been a bit over enthusiastic with the lube and are almost covered in the stuff.

The entrance hole is not tight, stretches easily, and is functional more than pleasurable.  Once your cock is inside it though, the design turns from being sculpture to being stimulating.

Tenga Spiral 3D Masturbator

the hole – a new concept?

That texture seems so benign before use, but with the lube, and the sensitivity of an exposed glans it becomes a work of extreme pleasure.   Those little spirals caress, tease and push you toward orgasm.  Stroking the full length of my cock is a delight; the stimulation on the shaft is minimal, but present nonetheless.  The stimulation on the head is intense, and pulling the Tenga Spiral 3D Masturbator fully down my shaft brings the tip of my cock into contact with the end of the masturbator.  This is quite simply wow.

Tenga Spiral 3D Masturbator

this + tip of glans = wow

The closed end has what is almost a star shape, and it is oh so good when twisted around your glans. The 6 ridges are soft but prominent enough that just slight twisting motion send some proper shiversome sensations through my cock.

What I’ve discovered is that the Tenga Spiral 3D Masturbator is good for a quick wank – the subtle but superb texture draws an orgasm out in very little time, and since it’s a closed sleeve, all the mess is contained.


Post ejaculation clean-up is a doddle too – you can turn the sleeve so the texture is outside and wash it under warm soapy water, the presentation cabinet makes a good stand on which to dry, perhaps that is the new concept?

Go buy your Tenga Spiral 3D Masurbator from Love Yourself Online now!

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