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doxy extra powerful mains powered massager

I find myself sat on my sofa wondering how do you best relaunch a new blog?

And then it strikes me – new posts! Such a simple idea, but what do I post about.  I suppose the easy option is my favourite toy, so that’s where I am, but what’s my favourite, it’s so difficult to choose just 1 toy.

So, my dearest readers I spoil you with 3 new blog posts, and this the first is the benchmark by which all power is compared.  Yes, I do of course mean the Doxy wand.

doxy bells

When entering into the wonderful world of sex toys, it’s not long until someone tells you about mains powered wands, and there are many to choose from, I personally arrived at the Doxy via a lovehoney deluxe wand and a generous discount from bondara.

Let’s not beat about the bush here, if you are serious about sex toys, then a wand is an absolute must have, and why not just cut to the chase and buy the best one there is?


But why is it so great?

Well, put simply, it has absolutely everything you could possibly want.

doxy (1)

It’s available in a range of colours, but for me there was only one – black!  The black is lovely and sleek, oozing both style and reliability.  From the second you take it out of the box you know you are holding a great piece of engineering; it’s heavy, and large, measuring 33cm from vibrating head to cord.  You really have to hold one of these to appreciate its beauty; minimalist, functionalist, orgasmalist; the lists go on.


The power hides behind 3 super simple understated control buttons which are both intuitive and responsive.  You have on/off nearest the head, more power in the middle and less power nearest the mega long (2.8m) cord.  Despite its size and weight, it is extremely ergonomic and easy to use.



Yup, here I go waffling again, let’s cut to the chase shall we.


When you turn on the Doxy wand you are met with a wonderful grumble.  Now, those that know me well know I like a good grumble, my grumpy nature precedes me, but this is another level of grumble entirely.  Believe me, this is the type of grumble you are gonna absolutely love.


Even the lowest setting is a deep satisfying growl, the kind that instantly makes you think; “oh yes, tell me more Mr Doxy”, and as you ask more of it the growl gets ever louder without becoming a shriek, until you are standing there marvelling at the degree to which this simple wand is shaking your arm.


Honestly, when you buy your Doxy (which you will), before you use it, just take it out and marvel at not only it’s beauty, but the sheer power it oozes.  It will not be the only thing oozing after a short while, the anticipation that just admiring this machine produces is, in itself, miraculous.


As Mr Darcy might well have said about our Mr Doxy, “The power of doing any thing with quickness is always much prized by the possessor, and often without any attention to the imperfection of the performance.”  And so it is with the Doxy; it makes short work of pleasure, and forgives those imperfections we might otherwise experience.


It does not matter if you are clothed, unclothed, turned on or downright chilly, the Doxy will pique your interest, warm you up and get your body rocking in no time.  This is how we find our first use of the Doxy – a quick failsafe orgasm.  When all else fails, this piece of great British engineering will not let you down (providing you are within 2.8m of a power outlet!).  Don’t be fooled by its speed though, what it gives you you will remember, and have you coming back for more more MORE!


But why stop at a quick orgasm, team it up with your favourite insertable toy and experience it a new way.  Our personal favourite is to use it with a glass dildo, yes you get a little bit of a clunk every now and then, but with the Doxy wand sending it’s rumbles down the dildo as well as through her clit, M just can’t help but orgasm over and over again.   I’m not going to type every possible scenario here, but also try with jiggle balls, tenga eggs, butt plugs and of course the full range of available attachments to experience the full diversity of it’s potential.


Use in BDSM

If my raving doesn’t convince you that you need a Doxy (which you do), then consider how you might use it for less mainstream fun!

Although it was the Lovehoney Deluxe wand in my experiene, a prime example of BDSM use can be found in Mistress’ Most Sadistic Moment.


But forced/spoiled orgasm isn’t its only use.  Post orgasm stimulation, especially for males can be uncomfortable, and with its leniency towards accuracy, the Doxy is a perfect toy to (consentually) force stimulation through the penis or clit post-orgasm.  It can also be used to add a spot of sensation to nipple or ball clamps, and a headache giving sensation if applied to a gag.  Let your kinky side run wild, and share any other BDSM uses you have found in the comments.



Pretty much everywhere sells Doxy, so you shouldn’t struggle to find one; try Lovehoney, Shop-NaughtySextoys, Carvaka, Latex Leather & Lace or 4PlaySure

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