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O-wand from Mr & Mrs Toy ltd

Expelliarmus! Ok, that’s my knowledge of Harry Potter used up, so you can rest assured that there will be no more child wizard appearances through this review.  One thing I do know a lot about though is vibrating wands; in fact I would say it is my specialist subject.  So, when I saw the new o-wand on the twitter, I knew I had to have me a piece of that.  Fortunately, Mr & Mrs Toy ltd agreed to send me one for this review.


The wand arrives in a swish black box with gold embossing.  There’s plenty of packaging here; slide off the outer sleeve, lift the hinged lidflap, take off the card insert and abracadabra, there’s your O-wand.

Ahh, the O-wand, magic.  It’s immediately obvious that what we have here is something different; something premium, something perhaps a bit special.


Presented to you in a gold insert is the O-wand.  It’s understated black silicone offset beautifully by the opulence of the gold packaging.  My love of black toys is well documented, so this is right up my street, and M is a fan of anything shiny.  In some lights the gold appears rose gold, and in other lights it looks more like yellow gold; either way it’s gold/black throughout.


Alongside the O-wand is the included attachment, the O-burst, a dalekesque nubbin covered cap for the head of the wand.


Taking the O-wand out of the box, it’s a pretty heavy piece of kit, 714g.  This makes it similar in weight to most corded wands, and without doubt the heaviest cordless wand we’ve tried.  Weight is good though right?  Weight translates to power, doesn’t it?

Where it is different though is it has a handle.  A handle with buttons on, no less.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had any real problems holding the wands we do have, still you don’t know until you try.

Who am I kidding, no one cares about the handle, what about the POWER?


All in good time…

Let me talk about these buttons for a minute.  There’s 3 buttons.  An on/off switch, a power button and a mode button.   Perhaps uniquely to the O-wand, the on/off button does nothing other than activate the other 2 buttons.  It’s good – it means very little chance of accidentally turning on, but confused the bejesus out of me as I hadn’t read the manual.  You however have been warned!


silicone and dust

The buttons are located on the handle, but sadly they’re not quite where the thumb naturally falls.  So, to operate the buttons you do have to either shift your grip, or use your other hand.  Part of me doesn’t especially like this about the O-wand, but, also, it means you don’t accidentally hit the buttons mid magic spell.


I’m just going to pause here and talk about the handle for a moment.  I find it a little odd.  I completely get what the goal is, to offer you a more comfortable holding position, and it does do that.  Sort of.

I’m not really sure if the thin part or the thick part forms the handle – the thicker part is slightly too thick for me, and the thinner part is much too thin.


For use on self, the handle is great, it does give your wrist a more natural position, and especially for M, means a more relaxed position when using the O-wand on her clit.

For use on someone else, the handle is not so good.  I have just found it impossible to get a comfortable grip when using it on M, to the point that my perseverance has resulted in muscle strain in my forearm.

It happened when we using the wand in the shower, I was holding the vibe on M’s clit, pushing it upwards against her body, and also against gravity.  The 714g soon becomes very heavy like this, exacerbated by the handle which I think is a little too chunky.  It’s my own fault for going through the pain to take M to orgasm, it’s been over 2 weeks now and the muscle strain is beginning to ease.


Did you spot the hidden nugget of information in amongst my moaning, back there?

Yes that’s right, the O-wand has brought M to orgasm, and not just once either.

Behind those control buttons lies 4 levels of intensity and 7 patterns.  We’re never really interested in patterns – M likes the power, so, makers of wands, if you could kindly concentrate on maximising deep rumbles we would love that very much thank you.


The O-wand isn’t terribly noisy, the silicone does a pretty good job of dampening the noise.  Miraculously though, the same silicone does not dampen the vibes as much as one might expect.


It’s not as quick to bring M to orgasm as the corded wands, but then, corded wands require you to be near a power outlet, the O-wand offers much greater flexibility.  It’s also a whole lot more stylish than corded wands.  I do love my sparkly red die cast doxy, but I’m a sucker for black silicone.


size comparison to the doxy massager

I think on the whole, of all the cordless wands we’ve tried, the O-wand provides the most magic – it’s the heaviest, biggest, and most powerful without doubt, and yes it produces that magic O.


When used properly – i.e. not in the shower – with the weight of the O-wand resting on the pelvic region, then the weight and the oversized handle grip fade into insignificance.  If anything, the design actually aids, by requiring less physical effort to get decent contact between wand and clit.  The results of the O-wand for M are orgasmic, obviously, and come without too much effort.

For use on myself, I actually found the handle rather useful to hold the O-wand behind me, with the head between my legs focussed mainly on the perineum, I found this really rather comfortable, and didn’t have the arm ache problem when using it on M.  My initial conclusion that the handle on the O-wand is pretty good for a spot of self love, but not so great for use on someone else is perhaps not right.  More recently, I’ve been experimenting with using it on M, and I think I’ve figured the jaunty angle I need for it to work the magic.


The O-burst head hasn’t really got a look in to be honest – it’s a soft piece of silicone that is really squidgy and would be good for a massage if the O-wand wasn’t quite so heavy – it adds texture, but acts as another layer to dampen the vibrations – so might be good for some, but not for us.  It’s worth noting that the head of the wand is of standard size, so attachments you might own already should fit, and similarly, O-wand attachments should fit your other wands.

There are other attachments available, but I’ve not tried any of those. To their credit, when I mailed to explain the injury I had suffered whilst using the O-wand, I was offered some as a ‘sorry’.  Clearly their customer service is strong, and they do care about the customer.

The whole time we are in the bedroom, it will never be chosen above the corded wands we own, but what we now possess in the O-wand is a viable cordless, rechargeable silicone wand.  The fact it could be used in the bath is just another reason to love it.

You can buy an O-wand direct by clicking here.

The O-wand is now available at Harmony, use code FIFTYANDTHRIFTY for 10% off (and, currently, a free gift too!)




9 thoughts on “O-wand from Mr & Mrs Toy ltd

    • Doxy does still occupy the space beside the bed, but the O-wand is the current wand of choice for elsewhere.

  1. wow! sounds like this is my kinda O-wand .. cordless, large, heavy, easy to hold.. something to please me and tease me xx love the video – Im thinking I would be the Piano player 🙂 xx Super O-wand giveaway xx

  2. Thanks for the chance to win, I think my body is getting to use to the toys I own I would love to see if this will bring me the pleasure I desire. Thank you for a very honest review.

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