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review of so divine toys

I want to tell you about a little package a received from so divine

The package included the Sweet Sensation Butt Plug, the Halo Bullet Vibe, the Lovesexy textured vibrator and the Sweetest Taboo Wand.  Oh, and a stick of strawberry flavoured rock, yummy.  I will tell you about them in the order we tried them


The Halo Bullet Vibe

M loves a spot of rose gold, not exactly sure why, I prefer my gold to be gold.  Anyway, that love made asking for this particular vibe a no-brainer.  The so divine toys are simply packaged, and easy to extract from the package.  The Halo Bullet Vibe is powered by those little watch type batteries, and it comes complete with them so you’re virtually ready to go.  A simple press button on the end in a classic design for bullet vibes.

At what point do I come clean and tell you that the colour is the only thing that M loves about the Halo?  Like many of it’s forebears, the Halo is really rather buzzy and underpowered.  Now if you love rose gold and your quite happy with buzz buzz, then go for it, but this is not the vibe we’re looking for. Buy here.


Lovesexy Textured Vibe

This vibrator might just bring us a bit more fortune we considered, being AA powered, perhaps it packed a bit more of a punch that the wee rose gold one.

Firstly though, you gotta get in the thing to get the battery in.  I broke it.  Fortunately, not beyond repair, just when you’re trying to unscrew the cap beware that you need to unscrew it lower down that you might originally think. Peel back that silky soft silicone sleeve.

ah i busted it

Ah yep, you guessed it, also underpowered.  Or is it?  It certainly is not rumbly, but what we’re talking here is inexpensive entry level toys, and for a little over a tenner you wouldn’t expect similar performance to high end toys. Buy here.


Sweet Sensation Butt Plug

Ah yes!  A toy with no batteries.  A simple silicone plug, small with a little jewel in the end.  And yes!  It’s good.  Whoop.

It’s a small plug, it is manufactured from body safe silicone.  It has a really good difference in girth between the insertable part and the neck to the base.  It has a little plastic jewel in the end.  This ticks many many boxes.

Let’s be straight up about what this is.  It’s a beginners plug aimed squarely at those who like sparkly things.  And I can thoroughly endorse it for such use.  The thin neck is both secure and unchallenging for people who either are new to butt toys, or who just want the sparkle.  The shape makes it super easy to insert, and I have used it as a first toy, almost pre-warm-up to something larger.  So not redundant even for those with larger expectations.

Let’s talk for a second about the jewel.  It’s removable.  I wasn’t expecting this, I don’t really know why.  Maybe because the others I’ve tried have all been permanently attached. But then they are metal, and this is silicone.  Anyway, the jewel sits within a retaining lip, it’s a decent size which seems to meet both the “I don’t want it to fall out” and the “make it easy to remove” criteria with parity of success. Since it’s removable, this scores good points for ability to clean.

In all honesty though, it’s not gonna get an awful lot of use here, but if what you’re after is a small body safe plug with a sparkly end, this is ideal for you. I also think it’s a bloody bargain.  Buy here.

Also available in Medium and Large, which I rather wish we’d received instead!


Sweetest Taboo Massaging Wand.

So on to the last item from So Divine.  The sweetest taboo massaging wand.

Reader familiar with reviews here at submissives will know that M and I are massive fans of the wand genre of sextoys, and in the past we have reviewed and tried many many many.  So, safe to say we were kinda excited by this one.

At £55 (at time of writing), the Sweetest Taboo wand actually offers an awful lot of functionality for the money.  Dual motor, cordless, rechargable, waterproof.  There’s a lot on offer for your pound.


So what do you need to know?  The magnetic connector for the charging is strong, we did not experience any pesky break in contact, so when we thought it would be charged, it was.  A simple point, but one that some others toys seem to miss – how annoyed would you be if you thought it was charged and it wasn’t!

The Sweetest Taboo is made of a delicious silky silicone, a body safe material that is super easy to clean and won’t harbour nasty germs.  It’s also pretty light too – weighing just 180g.  It features 2 vibrating ends, a classic wand shape (albeit relatively small), and a slightly curved vibrator shaped end.


Ok, so once all powered up we’re all ready to get on with some orgasms.  To switch on you long press the middle of three buttons.  A light shines to tell you the Sweetest Taboo is ready.  Handily there are 2 further buttons, each controlling the end you expect it to.  Each press of the button scrolls through 3 constant intensity settings and 7 patterns of vibrations.

It’s reasonably quiet in use, especially the wand end.  The vibrator end has more of a rattle on the higher intensity settings, and does feel a tad more buzzy.  Important to note is that the wand operates a one out one in policy.  What I mean by this is that you can’t have both ends vibrating simultaneously.

We have found that the vibrator-shaped end is just a non-starter for us; although it offers decent enough girth, and is really easy to use, it’ just not of the shape that M likes, and the motor isn’t sufficiently close to the tip for the vibrations to be used as a pointed clit vibe.

Unfortunately the verdict is much the same on the wand-shaped end too.  It’s no secret that M requires decent power to take her to orgasm, and this just doesn’t quite reach there – it has brought frustration rather than orgasm.  So this mean’s it’s not a bad toy, since it’s enough to almost get her there, but she found herself reaching for other toys to get over that final hurdle.


So, if what you want is a nicely designed, light medium powered toy then this is the one for you.  Waterproof, silicone, rechargeable and all for a nice price – it’s just not for power hungry hedonists!  Buy it here.


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