13 Oct

Anal Stretcher – Aluminium Alloy from MEO

I recently received a package from MEO for testing & reviewing for your reading pleasure.  The box was really heavy, which is proper exciting, it had my mind racing as to what delights might be inside.  Cracking it open, I was perhaps a little surprised to find a piece of black metal gleaming at me in the dimly lit hallway.  Taking it out of the box I was confronted by the MEO Anal Stretcher.


Regular readers of subsmissives will know that I am no stranger to the odd bit of anal play, and whilst I knew such things existed, I’d never really contemplated owning an Anal Stretcher before.  One thing’s for sure though, if I did, it would definitely be this one – it is exactly what I would go for.  Made from an aluminium alloy, it is understated and kinky all at the same time.   I mean, just look at the beauty of it.




Weighing in at 210g, with a length of 8cm, this small Anal Stretcher I was sent is, despite its name, pretty big!  The hole is 2.8cm in diameter, but the minimum diameter is 3.4cm; that’s a circumference of over 10.5cm (4in).  There’s no taper or graduation in girth, that’s your starting point…


5cm at its widest, the insertible part makes up half of the size of the anal stretcher at 4cm.  Once inserted, it will hold your bumhole open at a diameter of around 3.8cm.  So, be advised, this is by no means a beginner toy.  The base offers 1cm of flare all round for security of fit once you are wearing it.


Now, the MEO website reckons that the Anal Stretcher is Ideal for 24/7 use. Clearly to do that one has to first do what I am skirting the issue of; yep you guessed it, get it in your arse.


I’ve tried a couple of times, but without success, so I have decided to diarise my attempts, and so dearest reader, here we have, subs anal stretching log.

Day 1 – Anal Stretcher Newbie

Today I bit the bullet and decided I really must try to use the Anal Stretcher from MEO.  I’d been using a titanium dildo I won in a competition, and thought, “I’m lubed up and ready so let’s see”…

I added a bit of MANCUNT lube and positioned myself for insertion.

I find the most relaxing position to be laying on my left side, right leg bent up as if taking a giant step, left leg straighter.  So in my favoured position, I attempt insertion.

I place the rounded head of the Anal Stretcher against my sphincter, and give a gentle push.  Ummm, OK, I’m going to push harder, so I try harder.  I can feel my muscle beginning to give way a little.

Actually, I don’t think I can, I think it’s just pushing my skin in.  Clearly more thought is required.




Day 2 – Anal Stretcher? Woof!

I’ve had a think, and I realise that pushing harder and relaxing are not necessarily commensurate with each other.   With this in mind, I decide to try a more welcoming posture.  So, lubing up, I adopt the famous doggy position, figuring that this will leave me most welcoming to the Anal Stretcher.

I’m not going to say I was wrong, but I wasn’t entirely right.  There’s no doubt that this will be easier than my usual position, but it’s still not going anywhere.  Somehow I need to marry up comfort, openness and the ability to push firmly.  I’m thinking the key to comfort might be a tad more preparatory play.


Day 3 – Progress of sorts.

It’s been a few days since I tried the Anal Stretcher, kids and pizza, and other shiz, y’know.  Anyway, I’m back to trying the stretcher.

So here’s the deal.  I started with a slim dildo, and had a gentle prod away, got my self ready for something bigger, then I switched to a medium-sized plug, which I inserted and extracted a few times (you should try it – holy wowness!).  Suitably warmed up and feeling pretty relaxed, I took to the doggy position.

I nuzzle the anal stretcher in between my butt cheeks, and push.  There is a little movement, not a lot but a little.  I push a little firmer, and I can feel my relaxed anus pulling open a little.  Yes, this is good stuff, exactly what I need to happen.  So, I push a little firmer, and can again feel a little movement as the Anal Stretcher tries to invade my butt.

I pause, this is going places, and I don’t want to ruin it by being too hasty.

So I push harder, and I really do feel like this is going in, I feel like my arse is being opened, like it does for a plug.  Well, slightly different to a plug, since there’s a lot of pushing inwards as well as stretching outwards.

But then I seem to not be able to go any further.  It’s really frustrating me, I’ve taken thing this big before, but with a taper.  More thought is required.



I will continue to try, and update my progress here, so do check back to see how I’m getting on, and please do post any suggestions on how to get the blunt end of this Anal Stretcher into my butt.


If you want to buy one of these top quality aluminium alloy Anal Stretchers in a choice of sizes from MEO, do so here:


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