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Blush Carbon Fibre Spark Butt Plug

I can’t even remember now where I first saw the Spark Butt Plugs from Blush Novelties, but I instantly knew I must have one; so I was overjoyed when Blush agreed to send me one for this here review.

I’m not your stereotypical blokey bloke; I’m not a fan of football, I’d rather drink lemonade than lager and I don’t DIY.  However, something about the carbon fibre appearance of the Spark butt plug got my manly bits whirring; I honestly think this plug is a beauty – behold its carbon fibrousness! 


The Spark butt plug that Blush have sent to me is the medium version. I must say, it’s rather on the large of medium side, and here comes the science bit…


  • Insertable length – 4in
  • Total length – 5.5in
  • Circumference – 6.5in at widest (2in diameter)
  • Circumference of stem – 3.5in (1.1in diameter)
  • Base size – 6.5in circumference (2in diameter)


I mean, it’s not enormous, but since it’s a solid piece of silicone with no dual density or squidge-factor, you’re gonna feel every single bit of that 2 inch diameter.


I’m starting my review there since it’s important you know that. I’m a fairly experienced analist, and medium plugs are my comfort zone; but I did have a little struggle with the Spark butt plug.  It’s nothing to do with design, just size – it is ideal for someone wanting to progress from the more standard 5.5in medium plug to a 7in+ plug.


Ok, that’s the size dealt with, lets carry on as usual.

I often talk about how men’s toys are packaged to look like tech or engineering products.  The Spark butt plug takes this one step further by actually looking like a part for an engine or some such.  The box is green and black – so not just any engine part, but a high performance sports part.  Even the typeface leans forward in a sporty type appearance.


The Spark butt plug itself really does look like authentic carbon fibre; you actually have to touch it to realise it’s a piece of silicone.  This silicone it’s made from is a little bit special too; I’m used to silicone toys being a hive of dust; but this one isn’t particular interested in that kind of thing.  Part of me wants to believe it’s because a piece of cutting edge technology that operates in some dust repelling manner.

The reality, I suspect, is somewhat different.  You see, the pattern is so perfectly carbon fibrey that I’m guessing it is printed on to the silicone, and maybe there’s some difference in the surface of this toy in order for them to print on it that makes it non-dust attracting. I also think it’s printed since there one or two minor flaws in the design, plus a seam. This is entirely my own musings, of course.


The other thing that makes me think there is perhaps a difference in the outer of this silicone is that it smells like no silicone I’ve experienced before.  We all know what those jelly and lifelike materials smell like; it’s not that, and nor is it unpleasant like that, but it does have an unmistakable aroma; perhaps ironically, it’s almost vanilla-like.  It’s been out the box now for several weeks, had a couple of uses and several washes, but still it has a vanillaness to it.  It hasn’t however, taken on any type of bottom smell.  I have asked Blush for some information on this, but a non-dust attracting sweet smelling silicone must be at the cutting edge of sextoytech, and thus a highly guarded secret, since I’ve not yet had a reply.


I feel like I’m being quite negative about the Spark butt plug at the moment, but that’s really not what I think of this plug; it’s great and it will definitely get a lot of use.  I guess what I’m trying to do is tell you objectively about it; you see if you’re thinking of buying this in medium, then you’re unlikely to be a beginner in anal play, so you wanna know about the plug, not about anal play.


Anyway, back to the task in hand.  I just want to talk briefly about the stem.  There is a really decent difference in size between the stem and the plug and the stem and the base, so you can be pretty confident this isn’t going to travel accidentally inwards.  However, the stem is just over 1 inch in diameter, which is the same size as some entry level plugs.  I love this.  The feeling of having your sphincter held open, even when relaxed is highly enjoyable, if a little odd at first.


The last thing worthy of mention with the Spark butt plug is the absolutely awesome suction cup.  I’m not terribly experienced with suction cups, and given what I think is a relatively small size of sucker on this plug, it really is super.  It sticks, and it sucks and it sticks.  In fact, taking it off of the surface you’ve stuck it to is going to be your main worry, not will it unstick in use.


So, what we have here is a rather good plug; a nice size for intermediate players who might be getting a smidgeon bored with their current medium size plug.  It’s made of a superb silicone unlike anything I’ve seen before and it has a top-drawer suction cup.

One thought on “Blush Carbon Fibre Spark Butt Plug

  1. Hello I just recently purchased the medium size in this plug. So, is the next size up large a really big difference that you can’t tell? I almost bought the medium in the store but it looked a little intimidating as do your pictures of the large size above. I’ve had the medium and use it so much. It’s just the perfect feel and was just wondering if the large would feel like too much to where it’s uncomfortable. Thanks with your help and giving your review.

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