18 Jul

Bubble Butt Plug Review

bubble butt plug

Vain Toys are a Denmark based manufacturer of premium silicone sex toys, and in the first of two review items, I’d like to tell you about the Bubble Butt Plug.


My package from Vain Toys included sweeties, which is always a bonus.  The Bubble Butt Plug, encased in a delicate mesh storage bag and wrapped in crepe paper was an awful lot chunkier than I had imagined!

bubble butt plug

Since I’ve mentioned it’s size here are the vital informatics.

Length:  7in

Insertible:  5.5in

Base diameter:  3.5in

Diameter of smaller bubble:  1.75in

Diameter of larger bubble:  2in


Clearly I was drawn to the Bubble Butt Plug by it’s awesome aesthetics – it just looks like it’s gonna be a fucking awesome butt toy, right?  Telling Vain Toys to surprise me colour wise was a gamble, but I am over the moon with my sparkly black chunk of butt silicone.

bubble butt plug

The silicone used here is on the softer side of firm – it has a joyous stretchiness but is by no means soft.  It squidges a little, and is rather fun to twang, wobble and pull.  It’s one of those silicones that has incredible adhesion ability.  The dust flocks to it, as sadly do the fibres from the bag with which it comes.  It’s not a problem, cleaning toys before use is good routine to have.

This adhesion along with the design of the base means it sticks to the tiles in my bathroom like a bloody clam!  Honestly I have never experienced a silicone toy which is so intrinsically part of the wall when it’s stuck there.  I can give it a good heave, with the Bubble Butt Plug just streeeeeeetching!  To remove it I actually have to peel it in a sideways motion.

bubble butt plug

The fundamental design of this plug is really brilliant.  A nice narrow tip, making insertion straightforward and easy, and two bulbs, of increasing diameter to offer some real noticeable sensations.  Then that mahusive base means it ain’t going no further!


The toy is flawless – it is everything you could possibly ask for in a Bubble Butt Plug!  I mean, you’re probably not gonna wear it longer term, since that base would be a tad obvious, but horses for courses, this isn’t it’s use.

bubble butt plug

It’s use is feeling that first bulb dilate your butt slowly, the rush of adrenaline that comes as you reach the wide part and the first bubble pops into you.  And you know, when you reach that point you can stop there if you like.  The second Bubble, at 2 inch diameter isn’t for the faint-hearted, it’s not mega challenging, but the squidge of the Bubble Butt Plug isn’t so soft as to completely negate the size.  2inch diameter means 6.3inch circumference – that’s a hearty girth.

bubble butt plug

And that is another thing to love about the Bubble Butt Plug, the smaller bulb is plenty enough for those intermediate butt-ists out there, whilst the larger bulb is a sufficient increase to pose a next step.  That next step though – it’s a tad tricky, the only thing that I could get to work for me was to use that awesome suction cup and sit on it! Oh boy – that second bulb is a stretch – but the satisfaction on finally managing to squeeze in it.

But what do you do when it’s in?

bubble butt plug

Well, for me, at first, it’s a whole lot of gasping, you see inserting the bubbles does take my breath away a tad, I’m not sure why but I always find myself concentrating on my butt and almost forget to breathe.  Once over that, tugging is good.  Both on the butt plug to get those sensations buzzing – and lets not forget that your butt is stretched open; but also on the cock.  I love to bring those exciting feelings forward and get my whole groin area singing the same song.

With the intensity that the Bubble Butt Plug brings for me, it’s really not long before that singing ends in a crescendo of pleasure.  Less suited to long term wear because of that enormous base, but absolutely just the ticket for an end goal in building up anal play, and having a bloody good wank.


Buy your Bubble Butt Plug from Vain Toys.

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