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Doc Johnson Kink Vibrating Butt Plug (4 inch) review

One of the oldest names in the sex toy biz, Doc Johnson, recently launched, to much fanfare, their kink range, and thanks to Betty’s Toy Box, subsmissives brings you this review of the Doc Johnson Kink Vibrating Butt Plug (4in).

What you get with your Doc Johnson Kink vibrating butt plug is a tapered piece of firm but flexible silicone, with a loop on the base.  The loop is to hold the egg which is the supplier of the vibrations.  The egg is connected via a wire to a handheld control unit which requires 2 AAA batteries.

Kink vibrating butt plug

The first thing that screams out is that the butt plug has a loop instead of a base.  Loops are bad on butt plugs.  In my guide on long term butt plug wear, I talk about having a decent base to prevent inward travel by your anal toy.  A loop is not a satisfactory solution.  However, this loop is devised specifically to house the vibrating egg, so read on…


The egg that comes with the Doc Johnson Kink vibrating butt plug is quite a bit larger than the loop – it is true to say that it is a snug and secure fit.  So, the egg acts as your anchor, when inserted into the loop.  Even with the addition of lube, that egg is a snug fit.  I’m not saying it’s never gonna come loose, but it is certainly a lot safer than just a loop.  And, I suppose if you want to use it without the egg, then you’ll just have to keep your finger in that loop.

kink vibrating butt plug

What I would really like to see is Doc Johnson perhaps spending a little more on design and either incorporate a housing for the egg in a more flanged base on the Kink Vibrating Butt Plug or perhaps add a ridge to the vibrating egg for the loop to sit snugly in.


Right, I know you want to know if it’s any good, so now I’ve dealt with the loop issue, I can tell you what you want to know about the Kink Vibrating Butt Plug.

kink vibrating butt plug

Being longish and thin means that it is an absolute doddle to insert – a small amount of lube is all that’s really needed.  The neck is about half the girth compared to the widest part of the plug, but it’s a pretty slim plug so that’s not actually a great difference.  The neck is, however, a good length – enough to sit comfortably within your bum without feeling like it’s gonna escape.


So, here I am, butt plug in, controller in Ms hand, semi aroused, looking forward to trying the Kink Vibrating Butt Plug.  M uses her other hand to rub my cock into a more aroused state.  I, laid back, enjoying the attention and relaxing when M chooses that exact moment to fire up the buzzes on the plug.


And the verdict is?   Pleasantly surprised.  That little egg packs a real punch, the vibrations are decent and travel across the point of contact between butt and plug extremely well.  So well in fact that it caught me by surprise, eliciting a little gasp as the vibrations spread up from my butt, through my perineum and into my penis.  The resultant orgasm was great.

Yes, I’m really rather liking what the Kink Vibrating Butt Plug brings to a masturbation session – I’m still not convinced it is a good idea for use in sex, owing to the loop. But in a more controlled scenario, such as masturbation, or maybe something more kinky, it brings some good vibes to the party.


Betty’s Toy Box sent the Kink Vibrating Butt Plug for this honest review, go buy yours here.



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