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Gplug and Gring vibrating butt plug & finger vibe

gplug gring

Do you remember last year when I had the fortune to review the G-vibe 2?  Well, I’ve been in touch with Fun Toys again, and am super excited to bring you a review of the Gplug and Gring combo.

Why am I super excited?  Well, the Gplug and Gring combo represent a real innovation in my eyes. Before I get to that innovation though, I just want to place the design of the gplug up on a pedestal.


Not just any pedestal either, but a really high one for all to see.  Why?  Well, it ticks every frigging box in the perfect plug design checklist.


Body safe material?  Check!

Taper for easy insertion? Check!

Decent length stem? Check!

Big difference in girth between stem and base? Check!

Well done fun toys, other manufacturers, please take note.


And, the superlatives don’t end there either.  This plug contains a power unit and motors, but is still really easy on the eye, not chunky and not especially heavy.  Oh yes, I am loving the Gplug so far.

gplug gring


OK, suitably impressed, let us move on.

The Gplug itself is a simple piece of kit behind that design magnificence.  It features a magnetic charger – standard stuff for premium toys these days – and a very straightforward interface.  A press turns it on, another press changes function and lo, 6 presses later you are turned off again.

gplug gring

That magnetic charging solution means you have a fully waterproof toy, and cleaning is as easy as could be.


I’ve been trying to figure out where exactly the motor is in the plug that creates the vibrations.  I can’t.  Behind that smooth yet firm silicone somewhere is a motor which causes the middle of the plug to vibrate.  This is rather good since you can feel the vibes both in the stem and in the bulb of the plug itself.  It is rather pleasant but nothing mind blowing.


gplug gring

I’m going to have to concede a slight flaw here – dammit!  Whilst the stem between the base and the bulb is great in design, one consequence of that is almost feels like there’s nothing betwixt your arse when you have the Gplug in.  if it was slightly more girthsome, then I believe the vibrations would travel into you even better.  Let us not forget this is a plug labelled as large, which in truth is not actually large.  It may be large in relation to the other Gplug, but not large compared to other plugs.

gplug gring

There’s another trouble too – the strength of the vibes is pretty, umm normal…?  Kinda week to be honest.  One speed but six variants seems slightly odd.

gplug gring


But fear not, since we have the Gring to the rescue.


Clearly the secret to making such a potentially awesome plug so streamlined is taking some of the functionality out of the plug and sticking it in a remote.  Yes, the Gring really does rescue the Gplug.  This control, which itself vibrates – more of that later – is where the more power button is!  And thankfully it’s really rather good.

gplug gring

Where the Gplug only features a single button, the Gring has 3.  And there are many levels of power intensity – the topper most of which is rather pleasing, if perhaps rather intensifying.  My sweet spot is slightly over mid-way.


I have to give it to fun toys, they’ve made an average plug, which by buying an accessory turns into a rather good plug.  The controls are also rather intuitive and rather simple.  Long press the on button on the Gplug to tell it you want to use it with the Gring, short press for no Gring.  I also like the fact that once you’ve reached your optimal setting, you can turn off the ring and just have the plug on an intensity setting you can’t get on the plug itself.  Baffling but that’s the way it is.

Back to the fact that the Gring vibrates.  Yes, what you have here is a finger vibrator.  That doubles as a remote.  And the fact that it is a finger vibe that doubles as a remote means that the Gring is essentially a wearable remote.  Hallelujah!  I am so excited for wearable remotes. More please, sex toys manufacturers.


So… suddenly this introduces a whole new depth of play.  Holy enormous possibilities.  A wank with a vibrating finger and a vibrating arse?  Yes please.  Fingering your partner whilst buzzing yourself?  Also yes please.  A discreet change of buzz in a public situation perhaps?  All possibilities, and more I’m sure.

gplug gring

The finger vibe is a little more buzzy than is the Gplug, but it is similarly sleek and sexy.  It’s not gonna blow your mind if you’re power hungry, but if you’re not and you like subtlety, then it’s right up your street.


Together the Gring and Gplug are a great combination, separately they both fall short of being great.  Looks like it’s all or nothing.


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