23 Jan

Laid B1 Granite Butt Plug (Black Granite)

Dearest reader, I want to introduce you to something of a first for me, courtesy of Velvet Fleurs, I’ve had a rock up my arse!  That rock is none other than a fine piece of granite – the Laid B1 granite butt plug from the range of Laid toys at Velvet Fleurs.


The Laid B1 granite butt plug is a real thing of beauty, which is accentuated by the simple packaging that it arrives in – giving definition to the word ‘understated’.

Arriving in what can only be described as a brown paper bag of a box, this simplicity is something which runs through everything about the Laid B1 granite butt plug.    Cracking open the box, without frills we find our plug, sitting pretty in a foam insert and a little certificate of authenticity.  I like simple, and this has it in spades.

attention to detail in presentation from velvet fleurs

The simplicity just makes you want to pick up your Laid B1 black granite butt plug and behold its magnificence.  With it in your hand you’ll notice it is pretty heavy – I weigh it at around 170g, and at around 3.5 inch max circumference, it lies within the lower end of medium sizes by my reckoning.

Basking in the simple beauty you quickly realise that what you have here is actually a piece of artistic modernism.  Yes, in designing the B1 butt plug, laid have been extremely complex in their simplicity.  What I mean is that the black granite hides some complex geometry.   The insertible part is shaped somewhat like a whale, actually now I’ve typed that I think the whole thing looks like a whale (albeit a small black stoney one).  I love the assymmetrical design.


Anyway, the point I’m failing so desperately to make about the Laid B1 granite butt plug is that the insertable part is not symmetrical, so when you hold it in your hand and give it a twirl, it has lots of interesting shapes to marvel at.  The base is basically a rounded triangle, which does have symmetry.  It’s all a bit skewiff – but that makes it super interesting.

laid b1 granite butt plug

OK, that might well be enough wiffle waffle about how beautiful it is.


Being a super sleek and entirely smooth piece of rock, you don’t need a lot of lube, but you do need some.  I chose a silicone/water hybrid, stick a blob on the tip and went about sticking the rock up my arse.

It slides in absolutely beautifully – you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the tiniest plug the world has ever seen, but the truth is that the Laid B1 granite butt plug is so well designed.

That’s not to say you don’t feel it going in – now that is a sensation I just love, and want to feel over and over again.  The secret again lies in the stone; stone is cold, sub loves cold.  The off-centre design is not something that you are aware of when you actually have the plug in.

You don’t even really need to chill it – it’s just cold, and that cold lasts forever.  The stem, which sits comfortably in your butt just stimulates your muscles with its chill, the difference in sensation from that to the warmth of whatever else you choose to do (such as have a wank) is brilliant.  I hope that you’re getting just how much I love it.

Don’t fancy the chill?  Well, with a little planning and a pan of hot water, you can turn the cold stone into a hot rock; it’s an interesting feeling the warmth that will radiate through you, and is easier to maintain your erection with warmth, but I prefer the chill!

unusual angles, asymmetrical design

Whether you go hot or cold, the Laid B1 granite butt plug will retain that temperature longer than anything else we’ve tried, including steel.


I had a slight concern to start that the base wasn’t overly large and that there might be a small risk of unwanted travel, but I should not have feared – the stem to base ratio is sufficient to ensure safety.


Laid B1 granite butt plug – Love It.  Buy yours here

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