22 Oct

Paloqueth Vibrating Butt Plug Review

I recently wrote about a triple butt plug set from Paloqueth that I was pleasantly surprised by, now for my follow up article I get to review the Paloqueth Vibrating Butt Plug.

Arriving in a simple white box, the vibrating butt plug bears that understated look I so love.  Inside the box, presented simply, is the butt plug and a wee remote.  Removing from the box, we find a purple storage bag and a charging cable.  I love it when a toy comes with a bag, it enhances my experience so much when I can store the toy without worry.

Anyway, mine arrived with some charge, but I plugged it in for a boost before use just to make sure.  The toy charges via a self-sealing silicone port located on the upper side of the T-bar base.  It’s a reassuringly robust connection with a flashing blue light to let you know it’s charging.


The plug is rather nicely designed, at around 1.4in maximum diameter, insertable length of 3in of which just over an inch is stem, it feels entirely in proportion for a decent multipurpose plug.  The point for insertion is decidedly rounded rather than tapered which sometimes makes insertion more difficult, however with this particular vibrating butt plug, I had no such problems.  A good dollop of water-based lube and I had it inserted in a jiffy, the T-bar base offering reassurance that it wouldn’t travel inward.

The twisty twirly design on the silicone is nice to look at, but is, in my opinion, of little added value for sensations – the ridges are just too subtle.  In fact they are not even ridges, more of a crease.


The plug is a dream to wear – the base that houses the power unit is both slim and discrete, I am almost incredulous that this is a vibrating butt plug, the base is no different in size to a plug without added vibration. The part of the plug where the stem joins the base is so incredibly flexible too.  I am impressed.

How about the vibrations?  Well, in short, they aren’t bad at all.  Operation is simple, you can control via a bow-shaped button on the plug itself (which is a pain), or via the included remote control (which is a pleasure), either way you have to turn on/off using the button on the plug.

Long press the button on the plug, then long press the power button on the remote and you’re good to go.

The vibrating butt plug offers 4 levels of intensity and 6 separate patterns of vibration, my own favourite being the first pattern which features quick bursts of vibration.


The vibrations aren’t knock-your-socks-off raw power, but they are decent, and also fairly quiet.  The plug vibrates in the bulb, but you can feel it in the stem, and I really enjoy it.  I think if you’re curious about getting a vibrating butt plug, this particular one would be an ideal place to start, especially as the price is so reasonable.

But here comes the genius bit.  Since this vibrating butt plug is so quiet, and of a sensible size and also so light, it really is perfect for wearing out and about.  The way the controls work is ideal for this too since the butt plug won’t vibrate until you turn the vibrations on separately to turning the butt plug itself on.

So what you do is you lube up, you insert the butt plug and turn it on at the button on the base.  Then you give the controller to a friend/partner and go out.  The friend can then control your vibrations when you least expect it, my simply long pressing the power button on the remote.  It’s so much fun, and the remote is so incredibly discrete.  There’s an awful lot of possibilities here.  I don’t think it will make you come, unless you are especially anally sensitive and otherwise excited, but boy does it get you going!

Just don’t forget to turn it off at the plug afterwards!


Well done paloqueth, an awesome butt plug at a steal of a price.  Get yours here.




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