25 Nov

Poseidone Butt Plug in Padouk from SexWoodenToys

I’d like to introduce you to sexwoodentoys.com, an Italian company producing hand made artisan wooden sex toys.  I am lucky enough to have been sent a couple of items to review, and here I bring you the first of those, the Poseidone Butt Plug.

You may not have heard of sexwoodentoys.com, so here’s what you need to know. They’ve over 20 years of making, by hand, wooden crafts, and now they’ve turned those skills to making wooden toys for our erotic pleasure.  They make & sell dildos, plugs and vibrators, and will take custom bespoke orders including laser etching of designs onto their products.  Their products are hypoallergic, non-toxic and biodegradable.


Anyway, back to the Poseidone Butt Plug.  I chose this one because I am a closet fan of the Greek God Poseidon, and thought I could perhaps wax lyrical about waves of pleasure, and the earth moving.  I chose to have my Poseidone Butt Plug in medium in Padouk – a lovely rosewood-esque wood.


The medium Poseidone Butt Plug is about 4.5in in length with a max girth of just over 4.5in (1.5in diameter).  What I really liked about this one though was the pointy-ness – that elongated taper; it really appeals to me both aesthetically and practically.  I’m really pleased with the one I received too, it’s smooth and sleek, and the wood patterning is just perfect.  Each one made is individual, but my one is beautiful.


Talking of aesthetics, the little box that the sexwoodentoys products arrive in a smart pink and purple box, the branding is SWT, so to the layperson, there’s no indication of what is inside. Inside the box, your Poseidone Butt Plug is presented to you in a card mount, with a little bow and a tag.  Posh indeed.  Also within the box is a satiny storage bag and a small owners manual.


This was to be first experience of a wooden sex toy, so I didn’t know what to expect in terms of amount of lube required, what it would feel like, or any other expectation really.  So, to start I applied a generous amount of silicone lube, such is my preference these days when material allows it. I let the lube run down the toy, watching, to see what happened.

Nothing happened.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but it reacted exactly as all other sextoys do. The lube just ran down the plug.  To ensure it was fully covered, I rubbed it round with my finger, and adopted my preferred insertion position.


The taper sure does make initial insertion an absolute doddle – and before you know you’re up to the widest part.  Getting that last part in did require a small amount of effort, but the shape of the Poseidone Butt Plug makes it so easy.  It is absolutely ideal for first time butt pluggists.


It may seem daunting to have a medium plug as your first anal toy, but there is method in my madness of suggesting it.  That taper opens up your sphincter without you even realising it, and even if the widest part of the bulge is too much to start, this really will get you there in no time.  If you’re still not convinced, you could always go for the small option, and if you’re reading this thinking it sounds too easy for you, then you should try the XL option!


the same plug, same camera, both lit with daylight. Top image is a truer representation of the padouk colouring, against a light oak.

Once inside you, there’s 2 things to be aware of, the first is that the previously friendly taper becomes a sharp jabbing object, so just take it easy – I’ve suffered no ill from it, but I’m not sure I’d want to utilise this during a particularly vigorous session just in case.

The second is about the base; the external part when in use.  A decent butt plug will have a decent sized base – one that has very little possibility of being consumed by a butt.  With the Poseidone Butt Plug, I just had this nervousness that the base wasn’t quite large enough to prevent that from happening.  It didn’t cause me any particular problems when I actually had it in, but I’d just like to have a greater difference between the stem and the base.  For peace of mind, you see.


It’s a quandary for sure, since ergonomically, the base is the same size as the max diameter of the plug – something that seems to be becoming standard.  So, to maintain that you have to make the stem smaller, and then you lose the sensation from having something between your sphincter muscle, and possible integrity of manufacture.  I think I’m just worrying unduly, since in several uses, there was never a hint of a going inwards.


To clean the Poseidone Butt Plug is simple – it responds very well to soap and warm water, and in the few weeks I’ve been using it, it hasn’t developed a smell nor changed colour, so all seems good.


So, wooden butt plugs?  Another one to check off the to do list.  I really rather like it.



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  1. Wooden?? That scares me for some reason! But it’s great that it doesn’t carry a smell.

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