05 Apr

Lelo Hugo

The third of my promised top three reviews leads me to the toy that brought Lelo into my favour.  After less than successful experiences with the Tiani 2 and the Mia, the Lelo Hugo transformed my opinion of Lelo from overpriced disappointment to awesome orgasms.


The Lelo Hugo arrives in a sleek black box, stylish, understated, quality; choose your superlative, it is all of them.  The contents continue the theme; a soft and smooth black Hugo, matching control with shiny metallic detailing.  A simple USB charging cable, batteries for the remote, storage bag, guarantee and key lock for the controller.  Take a word from the wise – check the instruction book on how to fit the batteries to the remote – it’s simple but not immediately obvious.

lelo hugo contents

Much to my pleasure, the Lelo Hugo was ready to use after less than 2 hours charging.  I held the luxury silicone in my hand, stroking and squeezing its luxuriousness, there’s something satisfying about just caressing the Hugo; it’s just so… beautiful.  Holding it in my hand, I was struck by the firmness which the outer silicone hides; there’s no real flexibility in this toy.  I found the on button, which hides discreetly in the non-inserting end, and gave it an elongated press.  Oh my!  This toy has some serious power.  It just sounds so earth-moving – proper guttural vibrations, even on the lowest settings.  I seriously could not wait to set the Hugo about its purpose.

lelo hugo inside remote
lelo hugo (5)


But first, I had promised M a go with Hugo; G-spot and P-spot toys share much in design, consider the L’Amourose Rosa which is even advertised as both male & female toy.  The Hugo, though is shorter & stubbier than the Rosa, which is the real source of my interest in this toy.  We found the Rosa absolutely awesome as a G-spot toy, but too lengthy for me to comfortably use as a prostate massager.


I’m not going to dwell too long on the Lelo Hugo as a G-spot toy, since it wasn’t great; although M absolutely loved the strength of the vibrations, they were too shallow to achieve anything worth writing about.  It certainly got her interested though, so perhaps great for warm up!

lelo hugo (3)

YES!! My turn!

Hugo has a lovely taper, which makes it extremely easy to insert (with plenty of lube), although it might be a slight challenge to the less experiences, as it is around 4inches in diameter at its widest.

lelo hugo (4)

If you’re new to prostate play, you’ll know when you hit it since the sensation is not dissimilar to needing to pee, however, work past that and I promise you will love it.  Prostate stimulation is different for everyone, but for me, this pee-like sensation I now recognise as an urgency.  With a little jiggle, this urgency shortly becomes oozing, sometimes erect, but usually only semi erect, a completely different experience to penile stimulation.


This is how it was within seconds of inserting the Hugo; before even turning on the vibrations, the pressure of it just touching the general prostate area had me oozing precum type juices.


The absolute joy with the Hugo is the remote and the sheer versatility this brings to this little powerhouse.  Turning on the remote and waiting momentarily for it to pair, I actually caught my breath when the vibrations did kick in; it goes from being nice to being abso-fucking-lutely awesome.  I really cannot describe to you the amazingness of the vibrations running through your prostate.

lelo hugo


Getting my breath back, I wiggled about until I could feel the Hugo properly shaking my prostate.  It’s like a constant buzz between your bum and the tip of your cock – the whole area is alive with feeling, which means before long my lower body starts twitching, all the time my cock dripping and oozing clear liquid.  The urge is just overwhelming, and just a brief touch of my cock causes me to erupt in to a volcano like orgasm.


Now, usually post orgasm I just can’t be touched, sensitive overload, but with the Hugo, the good feelings kept go on and on and on; until eventually I just kind of collapsed, devoid of energy, body heaving with gasps for air.


The awesomeness doesn’t stop there.  The remote is motion sensitive and vibrates itself!  Can you just imagine the possibilities this brings?


Holding your cock in the same hand as the remote, and masturbating whilst wearing the Hugo; your partner using the control to masturbate with whilst you wear the Hugo; wearing Hugo underneath your day clothes; in public with your partner (or yourself) having control; playing hide and seek with the remote; the amount of things you can do with this is just endless.


Use in BDSM

I touched above on the possibility of wearing the Hugo out in public, taken to the extreme, you could induce (consensual) forced orgasm, or humiliation type play.  At 120 minutes per charge, the Hugo is going to last a lot longer than most men, so a spot of post orgasm stimulation could also be forced with the Hugo.

Update 23/11/16 – BlackFriday lelo sale upto 50% off & free gift with code MAXBF16

Disclosure:  The Lelo Hugo was sent to me by Lovehoney as part of their sex toy tester scheme.

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