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l’amourose denia rouge review

l'amourose denia rouge

A guest review of the L’Amourose Denia Rouge

Whilst I have a decent collection of mid-range sexy equipment, I don’t have a load of “luxury” bobbins in my bedside cabinet. Before the fates at subsmissives smiled upon me and generously thrust a L’Amourose Denia Rouge in my direction, the idea of me owning such an expensive toy was the stuff of wild fantasy.

l'amourose denia rouge

The L’Amourose Denia Rouge comes in beautiful packaging. There is a thin outer box depicting the toy, and inside a solid, black presentation box surrounded in black ribbon. Inside you also have the charging dock, USB charging cable, a velvet storage bag, a user manual, and an authenticity card.

The Denia Rouge (as the name might suggest) borrows features from both L’Amourose’s Denia and their Rosa Rouge. Just like the Denia, it’s a dual stimulation vibrator, with a curved shaft to stimulate internally and a shorter arm designed to stimulate externally. Each part has its own independent motor. And like the Rosa Rouge, it also heats up during use and stays at a temperature around 40˚C.

l'amourose denia rouge

It’s a very attractive looking and well constructed toy, made of silky-smooth, reddish-pinkish coloured silicone, which the manual assures me is phthalate-free. The base of the Denia Rouge is made of ABS plastic, as is the charging dock. Both the shaft and the arm are very firm, but bendable enough near the base to allow them to be pulled apart from one another.

l'amourose denia rouge

To charge the Denia Rouge, you place it on top of the charging dock, and plug the cable into the dock. Easy, right? Apparently not for me. The cable did not fit fully into the hole in the charging dock. I pushed and wriggled, and it still wouldn’t go all the way in. I wasn’t sure if this was correct. I was scared to push it too hard for fear of breaking an incredibly expensive toy as soon as I’d got it out the box. Thankfully, even with the cable sticking out a bit, the light on the side of the toy still flashed, indicating it was charging. The first time I charged the Denia Rouge, it took about 3 hours for the light to stop flashing, indicating a full charge.

l'amourose denia rouge

the charging cable isn’t a great fit

I found using the Denia Rouge a little bit tricky at first. Not because it’s a large toy, the shaft is approximately 5 inches in length and 4.5 inches in circumference at it’s widest point. And it wasn’t because the silicone had a lot of drag, because it’s perfectly slippy with a coating of water based lubricant. No, it was tricky because, despite L’Amourose’s promises about their “flex and shift technology” fitting “every body”, a rabbit is still a rabbit. It’s never going to fit everyone perfectly, because everyone has slightly different anatomy. Although they can be flexed, the length and the shape of the arm and shaft are fixed and there are no forgiving squishy ears or other areas. I found that if I inserted the Denia Rouge too far, the arm ended up missing my clitoris entirely, making it an excellent pubic mound vibrator. Oops.

l'amourose denia rouge

flex and shift

Try again, this time getting the arm in the right place and then trying to find my g-spot with the head of the internal shaft. For me, this means the base of the Denia Rouge sticks way out from my vulva and I have to constantly hold it at an angle, prop it up against something, and/or clench my muscles to hold it in place. Holding it with my hand, I found the flat base sat nicely in my palm, and my right thumb rested comfortably on the control buttons on the side. The controls are embossed in the silicone, so you have to be good at using your fingertip to discern which is which. (I hope you’re better than I am at this, because more than once I’ve turned the power way up when I was trying to switch it off and caused myself a fair amount of shock and discomfort).

l'amourose denia rouge

There are three buttons; “power on”/“more power” button, a “pattern”/”mode” button, and a “power off”/less power” button. (Holding the + and – buttons at the same time activates the travel lock, which is very handy.)

There are 9 modes and 12 vibrating speeds. This includes various pulses and the ability to turn off one or other of the motors. Personally, I’m only interested in constant vibrations, and the Denia Rouge has plenty of the deep, rumblesome variety. I have a very cooperative clitoris and a grumpy g-spot. As long as I have steady clitoral stimulation, I don’t need a massive amount of power.

Once I’d adjusted to the shape, the Denia Rouge was a huge success. With it held in the right spot I can orgasm very quickly on medium vibration. This is where that special “thermal regulation system” is rather wasted on me, because it takes five minutes to get to full temperature. For me to really appreciate the effect for a bit longer, I decided to start it up and leave it for a few minutes before using it. (Luckily, it’s a remarkably quiet toy on its low settings, so it wasn’t like sitting next to a cement mixer while I waited.) If you enjoy the warm side of temperature play, then the heated element of the Denia Rouge will really suit you. For me, it didn’t add that much. Perhaps I’ll enjoy it more when winter rolls around again.

l'amourose denia rouge

Cleaning and storage are very straightforward. Because it’s fully waterproof, it’s a doddle to clean with either soapy water, or sex toy cleaner. Once it’s clean and dry, you can slip it into the storage bag provided to help keep it dust free. Alternatively, you can use the packaging, as the black presentation box makes a sturdy and discreet container.

There’s no disputing L’Amourose Denia Rouge is a pricey piece of kit. Throughout my testing the question “is it really worth the price?” was constantly ringing around in my head. The answer is dependent on your individual anatomy, and the kind of vibrations and stimulation you require. If you absolutely need powerful rumbles and dual stimulation, love warm temperature play, and can make the size and shape work for you, then the Denia Rouge will probably be worth every penny.

Shopping options for the Denia Rouge

I can find no UK retailers who stock the Denia Rouge at present, however Luvoqa sell and ship to the US.

I will update this list as the Denia Rouge becomes more widely available.  Until then, you could try either the Rosa Rouge (shipping worldwide) or the regular Denia (US)



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