27 Jan

Lovehoney Desire Sex & Chocolate Gift Box Set

The age old question, sex or chocolate, chocolate or sex?  Whichever side of the fence you sit (chocolate ftw), Lovehoney have you covered with their Lovehoney Desire Sex & Chocolate Gift Box set.  And we were lucky enough to be sent one to test & review.

The set was spawned from a spot of Lovehoney photoshop magic that went down a storm.



The Desire Sex & Chocolate Gift Box is the third item from the Desire range that we’ve tried, after the Rechargeable Wand and the G-spot vibrator.   We loved both of those, so did the rabbit and chocs follow in that vein?

The box looks familiar, with its black and purple branding that is the hallmark of the Desire range. Sliding off the branded sleeve reveals the box of goodies, also in desire branding.

The box features a flappy lid and a slidey drawer.  Under the lid is your desire rabbit, and within the drawers are your chocolates.  The rabbit for M, and the chocolates for me also for M.

Sex & Chocolate Gift Box

Desire Sex & Chocolate Gift Box  – The Rabbit

Sitting pretty in the top of your Desire Sex & Chocolate Gift Box is the rabbit vibrator.  It’s not your usual purple Desire range toy, but instead is limited edition valentines pink.  You also get a USB cable and a manual.

It seems quite long for a rabbit vibe – the Lovehoney stats say insertable length of 5 inches, and that is what it measures but for some reason it seems longer.  The rabbit ears rise 2.5 inches back up the shaft, with a little bunny nose half way.  The ears are stiffish, but also a bit squidgy.  The handle offers about 3 inches of length on which to hold, and this is where the buttons are.

Sex & Chocolate Gift Box

Those buttons; there are 3.  A + for power on and power up.  A – for power off and power down, and an o for mode.  There are many modes, including constant, a variety of patterns and the option to have either the ears or the shaft vibrating alone.

As always, we like POWER, so the constant vibrations on max power it is.  The blurb offers the delights of 12 power settings!  12! That’s a lot.  In reality it’s more like 6 with 6 half-settings, but even 6 is more than most.

Pleasingly, the power is good.  Even more pleasingly, the silicone doesn’t dampen the transfer of the power, and even even more pleasingly, there doesn’t seem to be much drag from the silicone either.

Sex & Chocolate Gift Box

Buying a rabbit is a tricky affair, since bodies are made differently, and finding one that fits can be very trial and error.  We’ve certainly had a few that haven’t made M jump for joy – hopping mad maybe.

The rabbit from the Desire Sex & Chocolate Gift Box however, seems a good fit.  The girth is good for M, although we are learning that she likes ridges, bumps and undulations in an insertable toy.  The head is slightly angled, and we’re as yet undecided whether it reaches her AFE zone, but it definitely bypasses the G-spot.  I suppose our indecision means it doesn’t, but she’s been advised that she has quite a deeply set cervix, so maybe that’s why.

The clit arm though – made to measure!  The ears frame Ms clit, sitting either side like an additional pair of labia, sending the rumbles directly into her most sensitive area.  The head of the rabbit nestles just beneath her clit, and since this is where the motor is, it ensures her clit is surrounded by rumbly goodness.  It’s no surprise really that when I fired up the power, she immediately muttered “oh god”.

Sex & Chocolate Gift Box

bunny ears on full rumble mode

M like rabbits with thrust, which over the years, we have found means a great deal of them stab her clit with their pointy ears.  M did report a little prodding, but it wasn’t a little, and it wasn’t overly distracting.


For my part, the base is a decent enough size to act as a handle, but does suffer from positioning of buttons.  Or maybe it’s my clumsy meat-hands.  Yes, sadly I did hot the power down button a few times during the jiggly-thrusty motion whilst coaxing M towards orgasm.  It didn’t go down well, but I was able to swiftly find the plus button and restore MAX POWER.

Sex & Chocolate Gift Box

features a bunny nose as well as ears for extra stimulation

The orgasm it brought M first time out was singular in nature, which is a bit of an odd occurrence these days, however, let that not put you off.  Sometimes, it can be about quality rather than quantity, and I’d say by the doubling over of M it produced that the orgasm was of the higher quality variety.   It actually served as some great warm-up play to some more involved penetrative orgasms.


M does like dual stimulation, and when she wants a rabbit, I think we have a new go-to, such is its suitability for M’s body.

mmmm chocolates

Desire Sex & Chocolate Gift Box  – The Chocolates

How better to chill after some head-dizzying orgasms than a healthy dose of chocolate?  There are 3 varieties to choose from here, and you get 4 of each.  They are presented in a little clear-lidded box, in the drawer of the Desire Sex & Chocolate Gift Box .

I must say they are proper truffles, really rather nice and you definitely won’t want to try more than one of each at a time.

The dark chocolate one is exactly what one might expect – rich with a strong aftertaste.

The white chocolate isn’t too sweet, has an extremely mild champagne flavour, almost an aroma in fact.  It has a hint of raspberry and is bloody delicious.

The salted caramel one caused slight disagreement between M and myself.  I think it’s milk chocolate, but M says dark chocolate.  I think the truth is that it is a dark milk chocolate, strong in flavour with a deliciously thick-runny salted caramel filling.  It has a slightly peculiar aftertaste, but is on the whole yummy.

My advice would be try to get all the white ones.

Go buy yours here.

7 thoughts on “Lovehoney Desire Sex & Chocolate Gift Box Set

    • It’s a new thing – I believe they weren’t able to put the chocs and toy into the same tray due to food hygiene regs.
      It would be great if you could choose which of the desire range you wanted – I quite fancy the bullet vibe

  1. What an amazing combination! Great review Sub. Now if only I could convince Mr Rose what an awesome valentines gift this would be!

    Do they do any other toy and chocolate combos?

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