Where to buy..?


I’d like to say Lovehoney is where it all started, but I think that accolade belongs to my twisted mind.  That aside, Lovehoney is where it all started.  My first purchase was a roll of bondage tape, and within a year I was a fully fledged member of the community and sex toy tester scheme.



A massive selection of toys, and a promise to be any genuine price you can find, sextoys.co.uk are a shop I’ve only recently started buying from, but so far, I Love Sextoys!
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Latex, Leather & Lace

A new addition, as I’ve only just found them, but the team there are super friendly and I have absolutely no qualms in recommending them
Scandal Be Naughty by Cal Exotics Beautiful Bondage Toys


It takes approximately 0.5 seconds as a sex toy enthusiast before you hear about Tantus. Purveyors of the finest bodysafe silicone toys, eco-friendly and advocates of sexual happiness, it’s not a surprise they are spoken about in such revered terms.


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