08 Nov

Gaia Eco vibrator from Blush Novelties

The Blush Gaia Eco vibrator is like nothing I’ve seen before, but at the same time all too familiar.  This is awesome, since, as regular readers will know, I love a juxtaposition.


What’s new is that Blush claim the Gaia Eco to be the worlds first biodegradable vibrator.  Now, I dunno about you, but there’s something innately weird about a biodegradable sextoy.  You can almost imagine stories of it turning into compost mid-use.  Blush further claim that the material the Gaia Eco is made from is non-porous.  Whuuuut?  Read More

19 Sep

Blush Carbon Fibre Spark Butt Plug

I can’t even remember now where I first saw the Spark Butt Plugs from Blush Novelties, but I instantly knew I must have one; so I was overjoyed when Blush agreed to send me one for this here review.

I’m not your stereotypical blokey bloke; I’m not a fan of football, I’d rather drink lemonade than lager and I don’t DIY.  However, something about the carbon fibre appearance of the Spark butt plug got my manly bits whirring; I honestly think this plug is a beauty – behold its carbon fibrousness!  Read More

17 May

Blush OHM Tantra G

Do you remember when all toys came in either pink or fuchsia?  How the world has changed, via purple and black I now find myself holding a cool mint Blush Novelties OHM Tantra G.


This toy is relatively small, measuring just 5in from tip to screw cap, and is pretty slim too, with the exception of the bulbous G-spot stimulating head.   The green is pale and minty in complection; and made from a firm yet smooth silicone.  Read More

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