15 Jun

hot wax play

Pizza.  I would imagine that if asked what does sub like most (after Mistress), you’d say Pizza. Well, you’d be wrong.  The thing I love, absolutely adore above anything else is a spot of hot wax play.


You see, it just incorporates so many facets of BDSM play that it is so incredibly good.  Firstly, it requires submission – to submit to Mistress so she might splash the wax on me.  It involves restraint; OK, it doesn’t need to, but it’s so much better if it does.  It involves anticipation, oh my, the wait for the splash, it is oh so incredible.  It can be arty, it can be conformist or it can be radical and haphazard. And, perhaps most importantly for me, it involves sensation.


Oh yes, that sensation.  I have not yet experienced something quite as satisfying as the sensation of hot wax.

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