26 Oct

Bound Nubuck Leather Heart Shaped Crop

I dunno about you, but I associate nubuck with my teen years, and that means the nineties (yes I am that old).  The Bound Nubuck Leather Heart Shaped Crop however is truly a fine piece of kit that my teen self would have had absolutely no clue over what it was.  We possess several crops already, but when sextoys.co.uk offered me this to review, I jumped at the chance.


My package from sextoys.co.uk arrived safely, discreetly and quickly.  I had to take my machete-like utility knife to get into the well-sealed bag, but when I finally did get through the packaging, I set eyes on the goodies within and immediately asked M to invoke the spank test.


“Tomorrow”, she said.


So when tomorrow came, and the kids were safely asleep in bed I whipped Read More

07 Jul

Mistress Feels a Little Horse

Life is full of clichés. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, it is what it is.  Horse play or animal play of any type, for that matter, has never been on my hard limits, but nor has it been on my must try list.  The same may be true for you, however don’t look a gift horse in the mouth; don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


The session is going much like any other. The curtains are closed; some low level music playing on the Bluetooth speaker. I am Read More

02 May

Mistress – my Queening

Since the birth of child number 2, our opportunity to indulge in BDSM has diminished.  The days or rather extended weekends of Domme/sub play have turned into little snippets when and where we can.


What this means though is that sometimes it comes at the most unexpected of times, and whereas in our relationship previously we kept the vanilla and the spice separate, today they live alongside each other.


Let me share with you an event from earlier this month.

Read More

28 Mar

pinned onto the floor

I have a real thing for all things surrounding the ankle.

Toes, feet, calves, heels, shoes, you name it, it just fascinates me.  This is a fact Mistress is only too aware of.

Mistress has many shoes, which pleases me greatly (shhh!), but of course I love the stilettos the most, and there is one particular teeteringly high pair of matt black stilettos with a red sole that She has that just do incredible things to Her legs.

One of the very first experiences we had in the Mistress/sub roles involved these very shoes.

Mistress is wearing those shoes, and nothing else, Read More

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