07 Jul

Mistress Feels a Little Horse

Life is full of clichés. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, it is what it is.  Horse play or animal play of any type, for that matter, has never been on my hard limits, but nor has it been on my must try list.  The same may be true for you, however don’t look a gift horse in the mouth; don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


The session is going much like any other. The curtains are closed; some low level music playing on the Bluetooth speaker. I am Read More

19 May

Mistress wants to play a sexy game

Can you possibly imagine the delight I felt when Mistress tells me it’s time to play a sexy game.  Yeehaw, I think, my luck has finally come.


Let me rewind a little in the scene to paint you the picture.


It’s one of those rare occasions when the children are being housed all weekend at the in-laws, giving us some quality Mistress & sub time.  To make things extra special, we’ve been partaking in some tease and denial most evenings, so by the time the weekend actually arrives, my frustration levels are pretty high, and Mistress has the evil eye down to a Tee.  The rules are that if I can make it to Monday Read More

01 Apr

doxy extra powerful mains powered massager

I find myself sat on my sofa wondering how do you best relaunch a new blog?

And then it strikes me – new posts! Such a simple idea, but what do I post about.  I suppose the easy option is my favourite toy, so that’s where I am, but what’s my favourite, it’s so difficult to choose just 1 toy.

So, my dearest readers I spoil you with 3 new blog posts, and this the first is the benchmark by which all power is compared.  Yes, I do of course mean the Doxy wand.

doxy bells

When entering into the wonderful world of sex toys, it’s not long until someone tells you about mains powered wands, and there are many to choose from, I personally arrived at the Doxy via a lovehoney deluxe wand and a generous discount from bondara.

Let’s not beat about the bush here, if you are serious about sex toys, then a wand is an absolute must have, and why not just cut to the chase and buy the best one there is?


But why is it so great? Read More

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