21 Sep

An exciting development – An introduction to a submissive

Exciting News

Dearest reader, I have some super exciting news to share with you. It turns out I have at least one person who likes my writing.

The story goes like this; a little while ago I happened upon a really quite unique UK-based sexuality themed venture, and the wonderful red-haired woman running it. We had a few twitter exchanges, a few DMs and a few emails…

I am of course referring to Ruby, and her KnickerRockerGlory (KRG) website.


It’s great, because although I love the writing, and being creative and all that jazz, getting some positive feedback is so empowering!  Careful – sub with power, topping from the bottom alert!  I try to give the air of not caring, but y’know, I do take the occasional look at my stats.

What is super-awesomely-mega exciting is that she has asked me to write an article or two for her website, and I only went and said “ohhh go on then!”.  Deep breath, cos here goes…

An Introduction to a submissive


Quite possibly the most difficult thing in the entire world is writing about oneself, at least it is for me.  You see, when you’re talking, it’s dead easy to be whatever you want to be. You have tone, body language, facial expression click here to continue reading on KRG


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