31 Oct

Stockings and mind games

I’m not a hugely visual creature, if you’re a regular reader of subsmissives, you’ll know that already. By my own admission, I’m a relatively clever (and modest) chap, and a lot of what gets my motor running happens in my brain. However, I do have one weakness.  Stockings. Ok, it’s slightly more complex than that, because it’s stockings worn with a garter belt.


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28 Mar

food mind-fuck #1

I love food.


Actually I absolutely adore it, but there are some exceptions to this.  For example, marmite is a hard limit.  There is no way on earth I will ever let that vile stuff anywhere near me.


Mistress knows this love of food only too well, and it often forms part of the power She has over me.


Let me tell you about one particular day’s meals…

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