29 Jun

tantus plunge silicone paddle

Where do I start with the Tantus Plunge?  This is a paddle I have wanted for what can only be described as fages.  The trouble when you’ve wanted something for so long is that a pedestal begins to form, and sometimes the toy just doesn’t live up to those expectations.


So I’ve decided to begin by asking, how do you like your spanking? 

Is it hard?

Is it gently?

Perhaps noisily? Read More

13 Jun

Classic Leather Tawse for SH!

The Classic Leather Tawse is my first delivery from Sh! Womenstore, so it was a lovely surprise to find, within the plain jiffybag, a beautifully wrapped package.  Well, this is what Mistress has said anyway; I just wanted to see the Tawse!


Within our beautifully wrapped package was the red version, in all its resplendent leather and suede and shiny stainless steelness. Read More

29 Mar

Zado flattened spike hand paddle

Can you imagine the delight on my little sub face when, under the Christmas tree was a small present, shaped like a thick CD box, neatly wrapped in red shiny paper, with a bow and a card proclaiming “to sub from Mistress”.

I took it over to Mistress, and asked if I could open it. “Not now” she said firmly.  So I put it back under the tree.

The present stayed under the tree for the rest of the day, it was permanently at the forefront of my mind, throughout cooking and eating the turkey, and family visits, and chocolates, there was one thing on my Read More

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