01 Apr

doxy extra powerful mains powered massager

I find myself sat on my sofa wondering how do you best relaunch a new blog?

And then it strikes me – new posts! Such a simple idea, but what do I post about.  I suppose the easy option is my favourite toy, so that’s where I am, but what’s my favourite, it’s so difficult to choose just 1 toy.

So, my dearest readers I spoil you with 3 new blog posts, and this the first is the benchmark by which all power is compared.  Yes, I do of course mean the Doxy wand.

doxy bells

When entering into the wonderful world of sex toys, it’s not long until someone tells you about mains powered wands, and there are many to choose from, I personally arrived at the Doxy via a lovehoney deluxe wand and a generous discount from bondara.

Let’s not beat about the bush here, if you are serious about sex toys, then a wand is an absolute must have, and why not just cut to the chase and buy the best one there is?


But why is it so great? Read More

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