25 Feb

which satisfyer is best? satisfyer comparison & guide

A while ago, we reviewed the Satisfyer Pro 2, and we absolutely loved it and had no hesitation in recommending it to all and sundry. The company behind that toy has now released 4 new Satisfyer models, bringing your choices to 5 Satisfyers.  But, which Satisfyer is best?  In the words of a certain bald, oversize-collared comedian, there’s only one way to find out

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26 Jun

Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator

It’s not been so long since I eulogised over the womanizer, a toy I yearned for for what seems likes forever!  So, seeing pictures of a new similar toy, the Satisfyer Pro 2 doing the rounds on twitter, I just had to get me one of those.


You may recall that we found the womanizer somewhat awesome but that its design was a little… crass. It would somehow manipulate M to multiple orgasms within just a few seconds, but you’d soon want to put it back in the box.


We feel completely the opposite about the Satisfyer; M loves its vintage rose gold colour and the almost art nouveau curvature Read More

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