29 Mar

exploring my kinky self

My earliest memory of anything kinky is from when I was about 11 or 12, when I started to be interested in women. I’m not sure if this is early, late or average since it’s never been the kind of thing I talk about with friends.

I used to raid my mums underwear drawer and wear whatever I found. This gave me funny feelings I’d never felt before, feelings I now recognise as arousal.  What it felt like at the time was that I needed a wee. I remember going to the bathroom to use the toilet, wearing a bra and panties, with my pyjamas on over the top, because I thought I needed a wee.

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29 Mar

hosiery school

One my most favourite things in the whole entire world is hosiery.


I love the feel of nylon over skin, and I think this all stems back to an experience I had as a frustrated teenager.  I must have been 14 I think, and it was Christmas at school, and it was carol concert day.

What happened at my school was that only a limited number of kids could go to the carol concert, and the rest would stay in school and do something the teachers thought that the kids would think was fun, but in actual fact was basically more learning.

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